How To Remove ShopperPro By Goobzo

Found another adware program this morning: ShopperPro. If you got this on your machine, you will see ads popping up while browsing. They ads are labeled “by shopper pro“, “Powered by Shopper-Pro” or “brought by ShopperPro“:

powered by Shopper-Pro"by shopperpro" ad injected into web page


brought by ShopperPro

You can remove Shopper Pro by checking the following files in FreeFixer’s scan result:

  • ShopperPro64.dll
  • ShopperPro.dll
  • ShopperPro.exe
  • SPRemove.exe
  • Updater.exe

There’s also a Shopper-Pro entry in the Add/Remove programs window in the Control Panel.

I found ShopperPro bundled with a free download. Where did you find ShopperPro? Did you also find it packaged with another download?

5 thoughts on “How To Remove ShopperPro By Goobzo

  1. I didn’t ask for this and I don’t want it take Shopper Pro by Goobzo and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine

  2. I have had this as well as a couple of other similar programs on my notebook for a while now. I believe they all came attached to other downloads?

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