– YandexBot/3.0 – Whitelisted

So what about that identifies as YandexBot/3.0? Is this the legitimate YandexBot or a fake bot? This IP is one of the most frequent visitor to Freefixer.com. verified as YandexBot

As verified in the above screenshot, is indeed the real  YandexBot. You can verify this yourself by first doing a reverse IP lookup, and then a forward IP lookup. The reverse IP lookup returns a name ending with .spider.yandex.com and that name resolves back to

All Yandex crawlers have host names ending with yandex.ru, yandex.net or yandex.com. If the host name does not end with one of these, the robot does not belong to Yandex. In that case, someone is pretending to be a Yandexbot and that is certainly bad behaviour and I would block that IP immediately.

I’ve used the host and dig tools which should be available on most platforms with a linux type shell.

The traffic is coming from Moscow, Russia. I’ve added the IP to my whitelist.