Freeven Pro – Removal Instructions

Are you getting ads while browsing the web labeled “Click to Continue > by Freeven pro 1.2“, like the one shown below?

Click to Continue by Freeven Pro 1.2

Then you have a piece of software called Freeven Pro installed on your machine. Freeven Pro comes bundled with various software downloads. In my case I found it while testing a non-official download of the Google Chrome browser.

So, what is Freeven Pro? Obviously it’s adware since it shows advertisements. The anti-virus programs over at VirusTotal classify the Freeven pro 201.2-bho.dll file with names such as MultiBundle.RWin32.Application.Plush.BAdWare.PlusHD and AppRider.

Preeven Pro VirusTotal scan result

Removing Freeven Pro is pretty easy. Simply check the Freven Pro files for removal in FreeFixer. The screenshots below shows which files to remove:

Freeven Pro DLL in Internet ExplorerFreeven Pro Scheduled TasksFreeven Pro in Firefox

I’ve also captured a video that shows FreeFixer in action while deleting the Freeven Pro files. Hope you find it useful:

It seems as the Freeven developers are randomizing the product name. These are the variants I’ve found so far:

  • Frevens Pro 13
  • Fre_Ven_s Pro 23
  • Free_Ven_s_pro 25
  • Frieven_s_Prox_1.8
  • Fraven 1.1

What variants of Freeven have you found?

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  1. I’ve been trying to scan my system for 4 days now. It keeps getting stuck at ‘Scanning Recently created or modified files.. This may take a while.’

    Any suggestions? As soon as it gets to this point it quits responding.

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