PriceLess and Supporter 1.80 Removal Instructions

Did you spot something called PriceLess and Support 1.80 on your machine? No problem,  I’ll show how to remove them. I found PriceLess bundled in a download claiming to be an episode of a famous TV-series. If you got this on your computer, you will see ads labeled “Ads by PriceLess” or “Ad by PriceLess“.

Ad by PriceLess Ads by PriceLess inserted into Google search results

PriceLess adds itself in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as an add-on.

PriceLess 5.2 in Firefox Priceless in Internet Explorer

So what’s the problem with PriceLess? The scan result from VirusTotal clearly shows why you’d want to remove the PriceLess software. Adware/Win32.Agent and Multiplug.BAY are a few of the detection name. The detection rate is pretty low though, only 12%.

priceless virustotal report

Removing PriceLess and Supporter 1.80 can be done from the Add/Remove programs dialog, or if that for some reason would fail you can remove them using FreeFixer by selecting the files as shown in the screenshots below:

PriceLess uninstall

priceless bho priceless appinit_dlls priceless firefox ext

How did you get PriceLess on your machine? Please share by posting a comment.

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