How To Remove the AtuZi Adware

CNet’s site recently started bundling a new adware called AutZi. Basically it will show ads and change some browser settings:AtuZi CNet Installer

AutZi adds itself into Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as shown in the screenshots below:

AtuZi-1.0.1 Firefox add-on requesting install AtuZi In FirefoxAtuZi add-on Internet Explorer

Removing AutZi is pretty straightforward. You can just select the AtuZibho.dll file and the AtuZi Firefox extension in FreeFixer:AtuZibho.dllAutZi Firefox Extension

Here’s a step-by-step removal video that shows how to uninstall AtuZi with FreeFixer:

There’s also an entry in the Program and Features dialog which allows you to uninstall AtuZi:AtuZi Uninstall

Please let me know if this helped you remove AtuZi by posting a comment.

2 thoughts on “How To Remove the AtuZi Adware

  1. AtuZi is the worst. Ads and popups all over the place. It’s like going back to the early days of the internet when spam was out of control. Very disappointing from CNET’s Download site, which always had a reputation of being reliable and guaranteeing virus free and adware free downloads. I got infected with AtuZi and will never use CNET again for downloads, or anything else for that matter. Bad move, CNET.

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