What is Maxiget Software Manager (Softsonic)? – Removal Instructions

Did you find something called Maxiget Software Manger on you machine and wonder where it came from? The Maxiget Software Manger is a desktop application showing a web page named “Softsonic” that promotes software downloads and shows, what to appears to be Google Adsense Ads:

Maxiget Software Updater (Softsonic) main gui

If you have Maxiget Software Manger installed on your computer you may also see a process called MaxigetUpdater.exe running in the Windows Task Manager.

So, how did Maxiget Software Manger install on you computer? It could have been installed as a bundled offer, that was displayed when installing some other software on your machine. I found Maxiget while installing software, and here’s how Maxiget was disclosed:

maxiget software manager bundled

As usual when I find some bundled software, I upload it to VirusTotal to see what the anti-virus programs says about the file. AVG was the only anti-virus scanner that detected Maxiget, under the Generic.E22 detection name:

maxigetupdater.exe virustotal reportIf you would like to remove the Maxiget Software Manger, you can do so by selecting the MaxigetUpdater.exe file in FreeFixer:

maxigetupdater.exe service maxiget updater task

Or by using the Uninstall programs dialog:

maxiget software manager uninstall

Hope this helped you figure out what Maxiget is.

Did you also get Maxiget as a bundled software offer?

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