Nav-Links Ads – Uninstall Instructions

Are you seeing ads that look something like this:

NavLink Ads while browsing wikipedia

Then you’ve got the “Nav-Links” ( & software installed on your machine. Nav-Links are integrated into many web browser extensions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove the Nav-Links.

  1. Find a web page where the Nav-Links are shown.
  2. Disable all web browser extensions and verify that the Nav-Links no longer appear.
  3. Enable the extensions one by one and restart the browser, until you find which extension that contains the Nav-Links. In my case the extension was called weDownload Manager.
  4. Go to the Add/Remove programs dialog, and uninstall the software.
  5. Verify that the Nav-Links are gone.

Please let me and the other readers know which extension opened the Nav-Links on your machine.

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