TinyWallet – Removal Instructions

Yesterday I was playing around with one of those installers that usually bundles a bunch of adwares. Found a new one called TinyWallet. TinyWallet installs itself as an add-on in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. If you got this on your machine, you will see ads labeled “Ad by TinyWallet” and “Powered by TinyWallet“.

Powered by TinyWallet


Ad by TinyWallet

Here’s how TinyWallet appears in Firefox’s add-ons menu:

TinyWallet firefox add-on

Tiny Wallet appears to be brand new. The tinywallet.net domain was registered 6 days ago, on the 4th of August, 2014.

tinywallet.net web site

According to the web site, TinyWallet will:

offer you the best deals with the lowest prices, from coupons, to discounts and the hottest sales. .. It shall offer you suitable coupons and discounts whilst you are shopping

Some of the anti-virus scanners are already picking up the TinyWallet files according to VirusTotal. Preloader, PreLoad and MultiPlug are some of the detection names.

tinywallet virustotal

Removing TinyWallet is easy. Just uninstall it from the Add/Remove programs dialog, or select the TinyWallet files for removal in FreeFixer.

TinyWallet uninstall

TinyWallet browser helper object TinyWallet firefox extension

Did you also have TinyWallet on your machine? Any idea how it got there?

Update 2014-09-22: Here’s how TinyWallet is disclosed in one of the installers that bundled it:

tinywallet installer