YouTubeAdBlocke – Removal Instructions

Hello there! As usual I was looking around on the Internet to see what is being bundled with some software downloads. This time I found something called YouTubeAdBlocke, which is installed as an add-on in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

YoutubeAdBlocke 1.0 in Firefox YoutubeAdBlocke in Internet Explorer

YouTubeAdBlocke was installed with a bunch of other unwanted softwares called PC_Booster, PC_Sustainer 1.80 and PriceChop.

Just to set the record straight. YouTubeAdBlocke is not official software from Google.

As per usual I uploaded the suspicious YoutubeAdBlocke file to VirusTotal to see if any scanner detects it. The detection rate is quite low.

YoutubeAdBlocke virustotal report

PUP.Optional.MultiPlug, Adware.Win32.MultiPlug and Win32/Adware.MultiPlug are some of the detection names for the YoutubeAdBlocke file.

You can remove YouTubeAdBlocke from the Windows Control Panel. Please remember to remove the other unwanted softwares too.

YoutubeAdBlocke PC_Booster PC_Sustainer 1.80 PriceChop removal from the Windows Control Panel

If that does not work, you can remove YouTubeAdBlocke with the freeware FreeFixer malware removal tool. Just select the the YouTubeAdBlocke files for removal:

YoutubeAdBlocke Firefox Extension in FreeFixer

YoutubeAdBlocke bho in FreeFixer

Hope that helped you to figure out how to do the removal.

Did you also get YouTubeAdBlocke on your machine? Any idea how you got it?