17 June 2013

FreeFixer programming on Justin.tv

Wanted to let you know that I've set up a livestream over at Justin.tv where you can see me do some C++ programming on the FreeFixer tool.

Hopefully this will make it easier for all you to ask a quick question about FreeFixer or the freefixer.com web site. I might be available in the chat even if I'm not streaming. Click the Viewer List icon to the right of the chat to see if I'm there. The best chance to catch me live is between 10.00 and 17.00.

If I'm there, say hi to me ;)

Music by Telegraphy. Please tell me if you know about some nice music free for broadcast.


Gil Tyrelle writes

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For almost three weeks I had SOMETHING on my computer that was worse than a ROOTKIT . . . possibly a Bootkit???!!!
Whenever I would do a full Scan on MSE the computer would always Crash!!!
(So I knew it was some kind of malware I had Never experienced before - - I LOVE MSE. If it wasn't for its alert I would never had suspected a problem. MSE apparently hit on said malware but was unable to deal with it - - which was still OK.)

Long-Story Short:
The problem was SO bad that I had to enlist the aid of the Online Support Service - - www.boxaid.
The representative there, a Mr. RR was SO excellent!
(He helped me to prepare a Linux Knoppix USB so that I could go in and annihilate this Thing in my computer - - and I did!)
BUT it came back as another folder - - but with the same LONG name hidden under a few folders!
[I realize now in retrospect that I should have also terminated the associated folders that hid this Monster - -
This was done during the second treatment.
(So if anyone comes across a similar situation - - remember to first get at the core of the folder then delete the rest of the folders one-by-one!)

Well, with the Help of Free Fixer I was able to FIND this THING which was not even listed in the "C" drive as it was SO very well hidden!
FF was able to Unearth this Miscreant and together with said USB I was able to finally put this Entity to R-E-S-T!!!
(as of this writing IT has not come back)!!!

I will Recommend Free Fixer until I can't talk about it anymore - - LOL!

Free Fixer - - a Fantastic Product . . . and NOT to worry a Donation to your website is forthcoming!!!

An Appreciative Supporter - -



# 21 Aug 2013, 5:25

Gustav writes

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This software saved my computer's Life i Think.
This hijacker was Worth than anything else i've never been dealing with Before.
Guys, remember to uncheck boxes with crap when installing software!
I searched on the web for hours to find a solution to stop this hijacker, but no succés.
Then i watched a video about someone who had some kind of virus. He downloaded FreeFixer and it fixed it.
I did the same thing, and guess what!
It worked!

# 3 Nov 2015, 6:19

alfred radam writes

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ilike this to download and install this browser thaks

# 8 Apr 2016, 4:21

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