Release Notes

What's New in FreeFixer 1.19

  • FreeFixer now support Windows Server 2019.
  • On Windows Server 2019 the IEPlugin now suggests to set Default_Page_URL to "res://iesetup.dll/HardAdmin.htm" if the default value has been changed.
  • Fixed bug where clicking the more-info link for "HKCU/../Default_Page_URL" returned an error.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.18

  • Improved FreeFixer's greenlisting of files digitally signed by the following names:
    • Amazon Services LLC
    • Creative Technology Ltd
    • Intel(R) Biometric and Context Agent
    • Intel(R) Embedded Subsystems and IP Blocks Group
    • Intel(R) Wireless Connectivity Solutions
    • Razer USA Ltd.
    • Seagate Technology LLC
    • SoftThinks
    • Trusteer
    • Validity Sensors, Inc
  • The file information pages will now show if the process is listening on a TCP or UDP port. See CDPSvc.dll as an example.
  • is now using HTTPS://
  • Whitelisted port 123 on Windows 10 and port 3540 on Windows 7 in the UDP Listening Ports scan result.
  • Memory usage improvements when FreeFixer scans for recently modified or created files.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.17

  • FreeFixer will now also list UDP Listening Ports on the machine.
  • FreeFixer now sends the port number, protocol identifier and (TCP/UDP) and version (4/6) to the FreeFixer web site when clicking on the more information links shown in the TCP/IP Listening Ports scan result.
  • Added the following ports to the list of known ports: 123 (ntp), 138 (netbios-dgm) and 500 (isakmp).

What's New in FreeFixer 1.16

  • Added "Browse..." button for the FreeFixer File Nuker located under the Tools tab. You can still copy/paste or type the full path to the file you want to remove.
  • Updated FreeFixer's whitelist of trusted companies/signer names with 85 new entries. Examples of new entries: "AMD PMP-PE CB Code Signer v20160415", "AVAST Software s.r.o.", "Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.", "HP Inc.", etc.
  • Added the process ID for each process in the Processes scan result.
  • The Firefox Extension scan can now read information about extensions from manifest.json.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.15

  • FreeFixer will now list all TCP Listening Ports on the machine. To reduce the noise in the scan result, most of Microsoft's TCP servers are whitelisted and does not appear in the scan result.
  • FreeFixer now supports Windows Server 2016.
  • FreeFixer now lists extensions for the "Mozilla Firefox ESR" browser.
  • Fixed bug where some Firefox add-ons in the .xpi format could not be unpacked.
  • Fixed bug where registry values of type REG_MULTI_SZ were not parsed correctly under some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where the Memory Compression Windows process appeared in the scan result without a file path.
  • The KnownDlls scan has been disabled.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.14

  • When scanning the LAN proxy settings FreeFixer will now figure out the path to the file containing the proxy code, if the proxy running on the local machine. If the proxy is running as a service inside svchost.exe FreeFixer will also display the service name in the scan result.
  • Improved performance in the FreeFixer scan by caching results from the process enumeration. This decreased the scan time by approximately 35%. The number of memory allocations was reduced by 50%.
  • Fixed bug in the Autorun.inf files scan which occured when there was a network mount on the local machine, pointing to a target that was currently unavailable. This resulted in none of the autorun.inf files being checked and an error was reported in the scan result.
  • Fixed bug where some Internet Explorer toolbars appeared without a path in the scan result.
  • Fixed bug where removing a search provider that was currently set as the default, resulted in Internet Explorer popping up a message saying "A program on your computer has corrupted your default search provider setting for Internet Explorer". The bug was fixed by setting Bing as the default provider.
  • Fixed bug in the Internet Explorer BHO and Internet Explorer Toolbars scan that reported MSCOREE.DLL instead of the interesting file.
  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer did not find driver files using the "SysWow64" constant in the registry. For example: ImagePath=SysWow64\drivers\AsIO.sys

What's New in FreeFixer 1.13

  • Support for Windows 10.
  • FreeFixer now scans the LAN proxy settings.
  • Fixed bug where some drivers appeared with an incorrect path on 64-bit systems and thus listed as "File is missing" in the scan result.
  • Added additional items to FreeFixer's whitelist:
    • Microsoft Windows Hardware Abstraction Layer Publisher

What's New in FreeFixer 1.12

  • FreeFixer now scans Google Chrome Extensions.
  • FreeFixer's plain text log now includes the name of the signer for each file. For example: "signer: ClientConnect LTD [valid]" or "signer: [unsigned]" if the file is unsigned.
  • Added additional items to FreeFixer's whitelist:
    • AVAST Software a.s.
    • BitDefender SRL
    • Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
    • Intel Corporation - Intel® Management Engine Firmware
    • Intel Corporation - Intel® Rapid Storage Technology
    • Intel Corporation - Mobile Wireless Group
    • Intel Corporation - Software and Firmware Products
    • Intel Corporation - pGFX
    • Intel Corporation-Mobile Wireless Group
    • Intel(R) Software
    • Intel® Services Manager
    • Intel® Upgrade Service
    • Logitech, Inc.
    • Microsoft Dynamic Code Publisher
    • Microsoft Windows Early Launch Anti-malware Publisher
    • Piriform Ltd
    • TeamViewer
    • Webroot Inc.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.11

What's New in FreeFixer 1.10

  • FreeFixer now scans and repairs Internet shortcuts on the Start Menu, Quick Launch bar, the desktop, etc.
  • The Start Menu Internet shortcuts plugin now displays the browser icons in the scan result.
  • FreeFixer now encodes the plain text log file in UTF-8. An UTF-8 byte order mark has been added in the beginning of the log.
  • Disabled the Csrss.exe's virtual memory scan on Windows 8.1, since csrss.exe is a protected process since Windows 8.1.
  • Fixed many minor issues related to running FreeFixer on Windows 8.1.
  • Increased contrast between links and the background in FreeFixer's user interface. This change has been made to increase readability for visually impaired users. This change has also been made on the web site.
  • Fixed race condition bug in FreeFixer's initialization code that could result in FreeFixer displaying a blank dialog with white background.
  • Fixed bug where the Scheduled Tasks plugin halted its scan when it could not retrieve information about one of the tasks. The failing tasks are now tagged as "failed to get task info" in the scan result.
  • Fixed bug where the scan of Start Menu Internet shortcuts was interrupted if one of the browser's registry configuration under HKCU/HKLM\Software\Clients\StartMenuInternet was incomplete.
  • Removed the red background gradient.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.09

What's New in FreeFixer 1.08

What's New in FreeFixer 1.07

  • FreeFixer now scans and lists ZIP-compressed .XPI Mozilla Firefox extensions.
  • Fixed bug where the 64-bit version of FreeFixer did not enumerate 32-bit Firefox extensions.
  • Improved FreeFixer's greenlisting of files digitally signed by the following names:
    • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    • AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o.
    • Avira Operations GmbH & Co
    • Oracle America, Inc.
    • Sunbelt Software, Inc.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.06

  • Reduced memory and CPU consumption when FreeFixer is scanning the HOSTS file. The number of entries displayed in the scan result has also been limited to 50.
  • Registry keys, values and data is now anonymized before they are passed to the server. For example, if some registry data appears as "c:\Users\Roger Karlsson\hello.exe" it will be sent as "c:\Users\%USERNAME%\hello.exe".
  • Changed FreeFixer's user interface to use regular buttons for functions such as "Scan", "Fix", "Scan again", "Save Log", etc. This will make it more clear that plain links will open up the web browser and that the buttons start some operation within the FreeFixer program.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.05

What's New in FreeFixer 1.04

  • FreeFixer now scans Internet Explorer extensions.
  • Fixed bug where the process scan sometimes failed when querying the full file path for the process.
  • Fixed a bug that under some conditions could make the plugins that scans virtual memory fail.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.03

  • FreeFixer now limits the use of CPU and IO while running periodic background scans.
  • Decreased the memory usage while calculating MD5 and SHA256 hashes.
  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer closed itself when a background scan had completed and the user clicked the Donate, Tools or Settings tab.
  • Other minor optimizations that speeds up the scanning.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.02

  • FreeFixer can now continuously monitor system changes on your computer by running periodic background scans. When the background scan detects a new item in the scan result, FreeFixer will report this in the notification area.
  • Updated file upload limit from 2.5 MB to 3.5 MB.
  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer under some conditions crashed when generating the scan report.
  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer sometimes crashed when closing the application at the same time as the scan finished.

What's New in FreeFixer 1.01

What's New in FreeFixer 1.00

  • FreeFixer now have the stability and features to be called v1.00 so I've bumped v0.70 to v1.00. Have fun!

What's New in FreeFixer 0.70

What's New in FreeFixer 0.69

  • The 64-bit version of FreeFixer will now also scan 32-bit Internet Explorer settings.
  • On 64-bit platforms FreeFixer will now also scan the 32-bit AppInit_DLLs.
  • The 64-bit FreeFixer will now also scan registry startups under the "SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node" branch in the registry.
  • On 64-bit platforms, the UserInit Plugin now also scans the userinit registry value located under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon".
  • Added verification during FreeFixer's startup that the operating system is Windows 2000 or newer. If not an error message is displayed stating the required OS.
  • Fixed a bug where FreeFixer crashed when started on a non-supported platform, such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME or Windows NT.
  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer halted during the scan, when running FreeFixer in Windows 2000 compatibility mode, on Windows XP.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.68

  • Improved error handling during initialization of the Microsoft Web Browser control. If FreeFixer fails to create the browser control during startup users are asked to visit the manual's troubleshoot section to work around the problem.
  • The Internet Explorer toolbar plugin now ignores the following non-toolbars: "ITBar7Layout64", "ITBar7Height64" and "Locked".
  • Internet Explorer toolbars previously listed in the FreeFixer log as "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar" are now displayed in the short form: "HKLM\..Wow6432Node..\Toolbar".
  • Browser Helper objects are now tagged as 32-bit or 64-bit in the FreeFixer log, when running FreeFixer on a 64-bit machine.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.67

  • The 64-bit version of FreeFixer will now list 32-bit Internet Explorer Browser Helper Objects.
  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer failed with the following error message on Windows 2000: "Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point GetProcessId could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll."
  • Updated file upload limit from 2 MB to 2.5 MB

What's New in FreeFixer 0.66

What's New in FreeFixer 0.65

  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer triggered an ASSERT while extracting icons from executable files. This ASSERT has only been observed on systems with BitDefender 2011 installed.
  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer under some conditions failed to enumerate values from the Windows registry. Those affected by the bug would see a "More data is available" error message when the scan finised.
  • Fixed bug where the ServicePlugin reported WOW64 service files as missing.
  • Fixed bug where the DriverPlugin reported WOW64 driver files as missing.
  • Fixed bug where the DriverPlugin did not list the drivers with the FILE_SYSTEM_DRIVER type.
  • Minor fixes in the DriverPlugin and ServicePlugin to handle 1) enclosing quotes in the ImagePath, 2) white spaces in the beginning of the ImagePath, 3) paths like \??\system32\driver.sys which did not get correcly translated to c:\windows\system32\driver.sys.
  • Removed error message which falsely stated that FreeFixer did not have 64-bit support. This incorrect error message popped up when running the 32-bit executable on a 64-bit system.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.64

  • FreeFixer now supports Windows 8 Consumer and Release Preview.
  • Increased the file upload limit to 2 MB.
  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer caused booting from hiberation file to fail under some conditions.
  • Fixed bug where the Hidden process scan failed or crashed on Windows 7 32 bit Starter Edition.
  • Fixed bug in the plugin that scans CSRSS.EXE's virtual memory that failed if any of the virtual memory pages were marked with PAGE_NOACCESS.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.63

  • FreeFixer now replace the user name and computer name with %USERNAME% and %COMPUTERNAME% in files and folders when these are sent to the server.
  • Improved error reporting when file unlocking fails.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.62

  • Fixed bug where the scan under some conditions never completed due to a deadlock.
  • Fixed bug where the BootExecute plugin did not take into account that the BootExecute registry key can contain absolute paths.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.61

  • Fixed bug where version information did not get extracted from some files.
  • Added additional companies to FreeFixer's green list: AVAST Software, Broadcom Corporation, BullGuard Ltd., Canon Inc., Duplex Secure Ltd, Google Inc, Hewlett Packard, Lavasoft Limited, Lenovo(Japan)Ltd., Marvell Semiconductor, O and O Software GmbH, Paragon Software GmbH, Paragon Technologie GmbH, RealNetworks, Inc.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.60

  • FreeFixer now runs on the Windows 8 Developer Preview.
  • Improved the error message when FreeFixer's file unlocker fails to duplicate a file handle. The error message now includes the path of the file and the process id of the owning process.
  • Fixed bug where the system error messages did not always end with a period (.).

What's New in FreeFixer 0.59

What's New in FreeFixer 0.58

  • Added a tools tab with the "File Nuker" and "System File Checker" tools. File Nuker allows the user to manually register a file for on-reboot removal. System File Checker is Microsoft's tool that verifies the integrity and authenticity of the system files.
  • FreeFixer now scans the modules loaded into Internet Explorer.
  • The upload file size limit has been increased from 800K to 1MB.
  • Fixed minor bug in FreeFixer's code that verifies digital signatures. The bug caused the following error message to be reported for some non-signed files: Failed to calculate hash for 'c:\..\file.exe' using 'CryptCATAdminCalcHashFromFileHandle' while verifying trust. System error message: The parameter is incorrect. Error code: 87.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.57

  • FreeFixer now supports 64-bit windows.
  • The upload file size limit has been increased from 500K to 800K.
  • Progress is now updated more frequently while uploading files.
  • Fixed race-condition that under some conditions caused FreeFixer to block after cancelling a file upload.
  • Added Donate tab.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.56

  • FreeFixer now shows a progress dialog when clicking the "more info" links. This will improve the responsiveness when the application is configured to upload files.
  • The upload file size limit has been increased from 200K to 500K.
  • Added setting to enable/disable file uploads.
  • All settings in the settings tab are now linked to the manual where they are described in more detail.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.55

  • FreeFixer will now upload files to the server when a user clicks the "more info" links in the scan result. The file will be stored on the server and later uploaded to When the scan result from VirusTotal is available a summary is added on the file's information page showing how many of the anti-virus scanners reported the file as infected. The scan result will usually be available in 5-15 minutes after clicking the more info link. To begin with, only files smaller than 200K will be uploaded to keep a light load on the servers. Once this new upload feature has been thoroughly tested and tuned I'll increase the size limit.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.54

  • FreeFixer now scans Winlogon.exe modules.
  • Minor updates to the code to support the upcoming 64-bit version of FreeFixer.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.53

What's New in FreeFixer 0.52

  • FreeFixer now scans Autorun.inf files.
  • FreeFixer will now check the NoChangingWallpaper, NoActiveDesktopChanges, NoSetActiveDesktop and Wallpaper settings.
  • FreeFixer no longer checks for the WSPStartup and NSPStartup exports while deleting dynamic link libraries. This was previously used to identify transport and namespace service provider and prevent deletion of these library since it could break the Internet connection. However, since FreeFixer can remove missing transport and namespace service providers from the provider chain this check is no longer needed.
  • If a missing transport or namespace service provider .DLL is identified, FreeFixer reports that removing the missing provider can repair a broken Internet connection.
  • Files identified as a UserInit will only have a delete checkbox when presented under the UserInit section of the scan result. This will allow FreeFixer to properly restore the UserInit registry value if necessary.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.51

  • FreeFixer now scans the Windows Security providers.
  • FreeFixer will now ask the user to upload a crash dump when an assertion fails. Previously the assertion message was displayed in a message box. This change will be of great help to track down remaining defects in the FreeFixer application.
  • Fixed a bug where FreeFixer halted the scan with an assertion message saying string(value.get()).size() == valueSize, when trying to enumerate a registry value with an embedded ASCII 0.
  • Fixed a minor issue where FreeFixer halted the scan with the following assertion failed message: _key != 0. This problem only appeared on systems infected with a particular rootkit that was hooking the Windows Registry functions.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.50

  • FreeFixer will now check if there's a settings.txt file located in the same directory as freefixer.exe. If so, that settings file will be used instead of C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\FreeFixer\settings.txt. This feature is added to better support FreeFixer as a portable application. Now you can put FreeFixer on your USB stick and all settings will be loaded and saved to the USB.
  • FreeFixer now opens the default browser instead of Internet Explorer when clicking the "more info" links in the scan result.
  • Added the following companies to the trusted list. Files signed by these companies will appear greenlisted in FreeFixer scan result: AT&T Services, Inc., ATI Technologies, Inc, Agnitum Ltd., Authentium, Inc., Authentium, inc, Autodesk, Inc, BITDEFENDER LLC, BillP Studios, BitTorrent Inc, Blizzard Entertainment, Cisco Systems, Inc., Cisco-Linksys LLC, Citrix Systems, Inc, Comodo Security Solutions, Comodo Security Solutions, Inc., Computer Associates International, Creative Labs Inc, Dell Inc, Dell Inc., Dell Incorporated, Doctor Web Ltd., Hewlett-Packard, InstallShield Software Corporation, Lenovo (United States) Inc., Lexmark International, Inc., Macromedia, Inc., Malwarebytes Corporation, Microsoft Corporation MSN, Microsoft Windows 2000 Publisher, Motorola, NVIDIA Corporation, National Instruments Corporation, Nero AG, Nitro PDF Software, Nokia, Norman ASA, Opera Software ASA, PGP Corporation, Panda Security S.L, Panda Software International, Prevx, Raxco Software, Inc., Secunia, Sony Corporation, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, Sophos Plc, Spotify Ltd, Synaptics Incorporated, Sysinternals, TOSHIBA CORPORATION, TeamViewer GmbH, Valve, WinZip Computing and Zone Labs, Inc.
  • FreeFixer will now add c:\windows\system32\userinit.exe, to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon, UserInit, if it is missing, while removing unwanted programs from the UserInit startup location.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the history section of the FreeFixer log, where an extra carriage return was added between the items.
  • Version information is now added to the freefixersetup.exe file.
  • The installer no longer shows language options.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.49

  • FreeFixer now tracks the changes it does to the registry and file deletions. These changes are reported in the end of the FreeFixer log, located under 'History'.
  • Added settings to enable and disable scan locations.
  • FreeFixer now adds End of FreeFixer log to clearly show where the log file ends.
  • FreeFixer now ignores NTFS reparse points when scanning recently modified or created files. This fixes three issues: 1) where FreeFixer never finished the scan when running into a drive that has itself mounted. For example, if C:\ had been mounted into C:\mydrive\. 2) where scanning of recently modified or created files moved on to scan files that were not really on any of the system's fixed drives. 3) where FreeFixer reported an access denied message (on Windows Vista/2008/7) for some reparse points, such as Problems opening folder 'c:\Documents and Settings' to enumerate files. System error message: Access is denied. Error code: 5.
  • Fixed a bug in FreeFixer's icon extraction code which could result in reading inaccessible memory when extracting an icon from a malformed executable file.
  • Fixed a bug in FreeFixers's scan for recently modified or created files which under some conditions never finished. This could occur when the FindNextFile API failed with another error code than ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.48

  • FreeFixer now support third-party definitions to detect malware.
  • Many small improvements throughout the codebase to properly handle low memory conditions.
  • FreeFixer now uses EnumProcesses instead of CreateToolhelp32Snapshot, Process32First and Process32Next to enumerate processes.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.47

  • FreeFixer now scans the Shell settings.
  • Fixed a bug where FreeFixer in some cases did not do complete bounds-checking while extracting export names from dynamic link libraries. This bug could under some conditions cause FreeFixer to crash.
  • FreeFixer's crash dumps now include the version number in the file name.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.46

  • Fixed a number of bugs in FreeFixer's parsing and extraction of icons from scanned executables. These bugs could under some conditions cause FreeFixer to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where FreeFixer did not correctly handle the file format for 64-bit dlls. This bug could under some conditions cause FreeFixer to crash.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.45

  • FreeFixer now catches critical errors in the application and offers the possibility to send a dump file to the server. This will be of great help while identifying and fixing remaining defects in the FreeFixer application.
  • Fixed a bug where FreeFixer failed to enumerate the system's page files on Windows 2000. FreeFixer failed during startup with the following error message: The Procedure entry point EnumPageFilesA could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL.
  • Fixed a minor bug which appeared when FreeFixer scanned a file of zero bytes size. The bug caused the following error message to appeared in the scan result: Failed to calculate hash for '%FILENAME%' using 'CryptCATAdminCalcHashFromFileHandle' while verifying trust. System error message: The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid. Error code: 1006.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.44

  • Added a settings tab in FreeFixer's user interface.
  • Added setting to optionally add the MD5 or SHA256 hash to the FreeFixer log. This will improve the collaboration possibilities with third party developers. By default, hashes are not included in the log.
  • Settings are now saved on disk in "C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\FreeFixer", instead of the Windows Registry.
  • Fixed a bug where FreeFixer did not remember the dialog size and position between runs.
  • Fixed a minor formatting bug in the FreeFixer log.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the whitelist report number was incorrect for the "AppInit_DLLs" and "Suspicious file names" in the FreeFixer log.
  • Fixed a minor problem where some errors that appeared in the user interface code was not reported to the user.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.43

  • Fixed a bug which sometimes halted the scan for recently modified or created files with the assertion message strlen(startdir) <= MAX_PATH. This happened when the currently scanned drive had a directory whose absolute representation exceeded 260 characters.
  • Fixed minor issue where "global errors" encountered during the scan were displayed in the beginning of the scan result. These error messages are now displayed at the end of scan result.
  • Fixed a minor bug where FreeFixer did not display a hidden process when the associated executable file was a critical system file (like svchost.exe).
  • Fixed a bug where FreeFixer during the scan for recently modified or created files tried to close down handles to the page file, which could result in a stop error. This bug only appeared on systems with a customized name for the page file. FreeFixer now completely ignores all paging files during the scan for recently modified or created files.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.42

What's New in FreeFixer 0.41

  • FreeFixer now scans the Windows XP Firewall Authorized Applications.
  • FreeFixer can now unlock files that are locked by another process. This feature is used when FreeFixer runs into a file which cannot be read. FreeFixer then closes all handles in the process that locks or has opened the file in an exclusive mode. This should reduce or completely eliminate errors saying: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
  • The AppInit_DLL plugin and the Suspicious file names plugin now show the number of whitelisted items in the log file.
  • Fixed a bug on the FreeFixer web site where searching for the CustomizeSearch and SearchAssistant Internet Explorer settings, resulted in an error message saying Insufficient input.
  • Fixed a minor issue where the scan result gave an incorrect number of whitelisted drivers.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.40

  • Fixed a severe flaw in the malware removal code which under some circumstances could cause another item than the one the user selected to be removed. Many thanks to Mr Mita for reporting in this problem.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.39

  • FreeFixer now supports Windows 7 RC1.
  • FreeFixer now correctly displays file and registry information for all languages in both the log file and the scan result. Characters from languages such as Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic and Japanese should no longer cause any problems.
  • The web site and FreeFixer file database now correctly handle characters from all languages.
  • Added glossary item for Vendor and version information.
  • Fixed a bug where some whitelisted files did not appear as whitelisted in the scan result.
  • Fixed minor issue where whitespace BootExecute items appeared in the scan result.
  • FreeFixer now correctly sets the locale. This fixed a bug that could halt the program before showing the scan result with the error message: An error occurred when trying to open the file for writing. Filename: 'C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Local Settings\Application Data\FreeFixer\icons\%MD5%.ico'.
  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer did not check revocation lists while verifying certificate chains for files with embedded certificates.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.38

  • FreeFixer will now whitelist files from trusted software publishers, such Microsoft, Kaspersky, Symantec, TrendMicro, etc. The trusted files will appear with a green background in the scan result without the delete option. Trusted files will not appear in the FreeFixer log, in order to reduce the noise and simplify inspection of the logs.
  • The Start Page is now whitelisted and will no appear in the scan result.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.37

  • FreeFixer now scans the Terminal Server AutoRuns Run, Runonce and RunonceEx, located under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\Install\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion.
  • Improved the scan for files that have the same name as legitimate system files.
    These files where added: bfsvc.exe, fveupdate.exe, HelpPane.exe, ACW.exe, AdapterTroubleshooter.exe, AtBroker.exe, audiodg.exe, auditpol.exe, bcdedit.exe, bitsadmin.exe, bridgeunattend.exe, bthudtask.exe, certreq.exe, certutil.exe, clip.exe, cmdkey.exe, cofire.exe, colorcpl.exe, CompMgmtLauncher.exe, ComputerDefaults.exe, consent.exe, credwiz.exe, csrstub.exe, DeviceEject.exe, DeviceProperties.exe, DFDWiz.exe, dfrgifc.exe, dfrgui.exe, dfsr.exe, dialer.exe, diskraid.exe, dispdiag.exe, dnscacheugc.exe, dpapimig.exe, DpiScaling.exe, drvinst.exe, dwm.exe, efsui.exe, FirewallControlPanel.exe, FirewallSettings.exe, fltMC.exe, forfiles.exe, hdwwiz.exe, icacls.exe, icardagt.exe, icsunattend.exe, ieUnatt.exe, InfDefaultInstall.exe, iscsicli.exe, iscsicpl.exe, ktmutil.exe, lpksetup.exe, lpremove.exe, lsm.exe, mblctr.exe, mcbuilder.exe, MdRes.exe, MdSched.exe, mfpmp.exe, MigAutoPlay.exe, mrt.exe, msconfig.exe, msdt.exe, msfeedssync.exe, msinfo32.exe, msra.exe, MuiUnattend.exe, NAPSTAT.EXE, netbtugc.exe, netcfg.exe, netiougc.exe, Netplwiz.exe, newdev.exe, ntprint.exe, ocsetup.exe, OptionalFeatures.exe, p2phost.exe, pcaelv.exe, pcalua.exe, pcaui.exe, PkgMgr.exe, plasrv.exe, PnPUnattend.exe, PnPutil.exe, poqexec.exe, powercfg.exe, PresentationHost.exe, prevhost.exe, printfilterpipelinesvc.exe, printui.exe, RacAgent.exe, raserver.exe, rdrleakdiag.exe, rekeywiz.exe, RelPost.exe, RMActivate.exe, RMActivate_isv.exe, RMActivate_ssp.exe, RMActivate_ssp_isv.exe, RmClient.exe, Robocopy.exe, RpcPing.exe, rrinstaller.exe, rstrui.exe, RunLegacyCPLElevated.exe, sbunattend.exe, sdchange.exe, sdclt.exe, SearchFilterHost.exe, SearchIndexer.exe, SearchProtocolHost.exe, secinit.exe, setupcl.exe, setupSNK.exe, setupugc.exe, setx.exe, SLLUA.exe, SLsvc.exe, SLUI.exe, SndVol.exe, snmptrap.exe, SoundRecorder.exe, srdelayed.exe, sxstrace.exe, SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe, SystemPropertiesComputerName.exe, SystemPropertiesDataExecutionPrevention.exe, SystemPropertiesHardware.exe, SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe, SystemPropertiesProtection.exe, SystemPropertiesRemote.exe, tabcal.exe, takeown.exe, TapiUnattend.exe, taskeng.exe, timeout.exe, TpmInit.exe, tssetup.exe, TSTheme.exe, ucsvc.exe, UI0Detect.exe, unattendedjoin.exe, unregmp2.exe, vds.exe, vdsldr.exe, verclsid.exe, waitfor.exe, wecutil.exe, wercon.exe, WerFault.exe, WerFaultSecure.exe, wermgr.exe, wevtutil.exe, where.exe, whoami.exe, WindowsAnytimeUpgrade.exe, WinFXDocObj.exe, wininit.exe, winload.exe, winresume.exe, winrs.exe, winrshost.exe, WinSAT.exe, wisptis.exe, wlanext.exe, wlrmdr.exe, wpcer.exe, wpcumi.exe, WPDShextAutoplay.exe, WSManHTTPConfig.exe, wsqmcons.exe, wuapp.exe, WUDFHost.exe and wusa.exe.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.36

  • Fixed bug in the user interface HTML generator and log generation code that could result in the error message Cannot convert registry data of the REGISTRY_DATA_INVALID type to a string. This error could appeared under some conditions when FreeFixer failed to read a registry key.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.35

  • FreeFixer now verifies the digital signature for all files in the scan result. It also checks that the certificate chains ends in a trusted root. See Dwm.exe and VMwareTray.exe as an example of two legitimate files with a valid digital signature. The signature information on the FreeFixer web site is now continuously updated when users press the "more info" link in the scan result.
  • FreeFixer now starts automatically after finishing the installer.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.34

  • FreeFixer now scans the BootExecute registry setting.
  • FreeFixer now supports Windows Server 2008
  • Fixed bug in UserInit plugin where FreeFoxer did not determine full path for userinit specified as filename only.
  • The Start Page res://iesetup.dll/HardAdmin.htm is now whitelisted and will no appear in the scan result.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.33

  • FreeFixer now supports Windows Vista 32-bit
  • FreeFixer now displays the full path of the AppInit_DLLs in the FreeFixer log.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.32

  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer was unable to modify a read-only HOSTS file.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.31

  • Fixed bug where FreeFixer was unable to extract properties from files lacking a translation table. The error message Error getting translation table with 'VerQueryValue'.. should no longer appear when FreeFixer scan this type of file.
  • Disabled the Hidden Process plugin for users running FreeFixer on a 64-bit platform. This will be enabled again as soon as I have located and fixed a bug in this plugin that interrupts the scan.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.30

What's New in FreeFixer 0.29

What's New in FreeFixer 0.28

  • Fixed a defect where FreeFixer sometimes stopped during scan with the error message: Assertion failed. Message: bitmapSize == SizeofResource(dll.getModule(), hRsrc). This occurred when scanning a file with a malformed icon resource.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.27

What's New in FreeFixer 0.26

  • FreeFixer now shows icons for executable files and other known file types.
  • HOSTS file redirections to the IP address is now ignored and does not show up in the scan result.
  • Fixed a minor issue in the user interface.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.25

  • FreeFixer now scans the UserInit setting.
  • FreeFixer now use the common names for the operating systems when generating a log file. For example, Windows XP is used instead of Windows NT 5.1.
  • Service pack number is now listed in the log file.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.24

  • FreeFixer now adds experimental support for Windows Vista.
  • Support for the new IPv6 format on addresses when they appear in the HOSTS file.
  • FreeFixer now puts a more reasonable size on its window when it is launched for the first time.
  • Fixed an bug where FreeFixer sometimes failed to terminate multi value strings (REG_MULTI_SZ).

What's New in FreeFixer 0.23

What's New in FreeFixer 0.22

  • FreeFixer now scans the TCP/IP settings.
  • Fixed a defect in the code that reads file properties. The defect made FreeFixer stop with the message Assertion failed. Message: cbTranslate >= 4.
  • Fixed a problem in FreeFixer's code that reads the registry. The bug made FreeFixer stop with the message Assertion failed. Message: lastInBuf == 0.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.21

What's New in FreeFixer 0.20

  • Fixed a defect where an error message was displayed when an Internet Explorer toolbar specified a CLSID which did not exists under 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\'.
  • Fixed a number of problems related to scanning with a limited user account.
  • FreeFixer no longer halt the process and hidden process scan if a problem occur while extracting information from one of the processes.

What's New in FreeFixer 0.19

  • FreeFixer now scans drivers installed on the system.
  • Fixed a defect which under some conditions halted the scan of the autostart shortcuts, with an error messages saying Assertion failed. Message: initialDirectory != "".

What's New in FreeFixer 0.18

  • The delayed file deletion feature has been improved to deal with files that cannot be deleted once the Win32 subsystem is started. This is done by FreeFixer's Native Deleter (ffnd.exe), a native program that runs before the log on box appears.
  • FreeFixer does no longer display files protected by the Windows File Protection (WFP) feature in the scan result. WFP protects critical operating system files, such as .dll, .exe and .sys files. This will help users to quickly identify and remove unwanted third-party programs, rather than legitimate Microsoft files.
  • Scan time reduced by approximately 50%