What is MSVCR71.dll?

MSVCR71.dll is part of Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET and developed by Microsoft Corporation according to the MSVCR71.dll version information.

MSVCR71.dll's description is "Microsoft® C Runtime Library"

MSVCR71.dll is usually located in the 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\' folder.

None of the anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal reports anything malicious about MSVCR71.dll.

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Vendor and version information [?]

The following is the available information on MSVCR71.dll:

Product nameMicrosoft® Visual Studio .NET
Company nameMicrosoft Corporation
File descriptionMicrosoft® C Runtime Library
Internal nameMSVCR71.DLL
Original filenameMSVCR71.DLL
Legal copyright© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Product version7.10.3052.4
File version7.10.3052.4

Here's a screenshot of the file properties when displayed by Windows Explorer:

Product nameMicrosoft® Visual Studio .NET
Company nameMicrosoft Corporation
File descriptionMicrosoft® C Runtime Library
Internal nameMSVCR71.DLL
Original filenameMSVCR71.DLL
Legal copyright© Microsoft Corporation. All right..
Product version7.10.3052.4
File version7.10.3052.4

Digital signatures [?]

MSVCR71.dll is not signed.

VirusTotal report

None of the 53 anti-virus programs at VirusTotal detected the MSVCR71.dll file.

None of the 53 anti-virus programs detected the MSVCR71.dll file.

Filename variants

MSVCR71.dll may also use other filenames. The most common variants are listed below:

Folder name variants

MSVCR71.dll may also be located in other folders than C:\WINDOWS\system32\. The most common variants are listed below:

Hashes [?]


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User vote results: There were 9 votes to remove and 70 votes to keep

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Please share with the other users what you think about this file. What does this file do? Is it legitimate or something that your computer is better without? Do you know how it was installed on your system? Did you install it yourself or did it come bundled with some other software? Is it running smoothly or do you get some error message? Any information that will help to document this file is welcome. Thank you for your contributions.

I'm reading all new comments so don't hesitate to post a question about the file. If I don't have the answer perhaps another user can help you.

Roger Karlsson writes

5 thumbs

MSVCR71.dll is a legit file. MSVCR71.dll is the Visual C++ Libraries runtime components required to run applications developed with Visual C++ on a computer that does not have Visual C++ 2003 installed. Many applications add this to your system during installation.

If you see the following error messsage when trying to run some application:

"This application has failed to start because MSVCR71.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

it means that the application depends on the MSVCR71.dll file, but it's not available on your system. Reinstalling the application usually fix this error.

Hope that helps.

# 26 Nov 2009, 2:36

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