What is TBHostSupport.dll?

TBHostSupport.dll is part of TBHostSupport and developed by Conduit Ltd. according to the TBHostSupport.dll version information.

TBHostSupport.dll's description is "TBHostSupport"

TBHostSupport.dll is digitally signed by Conduit Ltd..

TBHostSupport.dll is usually located in the 'c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\tbhostsupport\' folder.

Some of the anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal detected TBHostSupport.dll.

If you have additional information about the file, please share it with the FreeFixer users by posting a comment at the bottom of this page.

Vendor and version information [?]

The following is the available information on TBHostSupport.dll:

Product nameTBHostSupport
Company nameConduit Ltd.
File descriptionTBHostSupport
Internal nameTBHostSu.dll
Original filenameTBHostSu.dll
Legal copyrightCopyright (C) 2013
Product version1.0.0.2
File version1.0.0.2

Here's a screenshot of the file properties when displayed by Windows Explorer:

Product nameTBHostSupport
Company nameConduit Ltd.
File descriptionTBHostSupport
Internal nameTBHostSu.dll
Original filenameTBHostSu.dll
Legal copyrightCopyright (C) 2013
Product version1.0.0.2
File version1.0.0.2

Digital signatures [?]

TBHostSupport.dll has a valid digital signature.

Signer nameConduit Ltd.
Certificate issuer nameVeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2010 CA
Certificate serial number3a82654719d8f75b59134f7b66465210

VirusTotal report

1 of the 47 anti-virus programs at VirusTotal detected the TBHostSupport.dll file. That's a 2% detection rate.

ScannerDetection Name
VIPRE Conduit (fs)
1 of the 47 anti-virus programs detected the TBHostSupport.dll file.

Hashes [?]


Error Messages

These are some of the error messages that can appear related to TBHostSupport.dll:

RUNDLL - Error loading c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\tbhostsupport\TBHostSupport.dll. The specified module could not be found.

RunDLL - There was a problem starting c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\tbhostsupport\TBHostSupport.dll. The specified module could not be found.

What will you do with the file?

To help other users, please let us know what you will do with the file:

What did other users do?

The poll result listed below shows what users chose to do with the file. 83% have voted for removal. Based on votes from 1070 users.

User vote results: There were 889 votes to remove and 181 votes to keep

NOTE: Please do not use this poll as the only source of input to determine what you will do with the file.

Malware or legitimate?

If you feel that you need more information to determine if your should keep this file or remove it, please read this guide.

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I'm reading all new comments so don't hesitate to post a question about the file. If I don't have the answer perhaps another user can help you.

Jim writes

3 thumbs


On start up, I get the following RunDLL - There was a problem starting c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\tbhostsupport\TBHostSupport.dll. The specified module could not be found.

How do I remove it?

thanks Jim

# 28 Nov 2013, 9:44

S.Lark writes

0 thumbs

How to fix or remove the TBHostSupport.dll

# 10 Dec 2013, 17:08

+Ken+ writes

0 thumbs

I deleted the TBHostsupport.dll assuming (incorrectly) that it was part of the conduit malware. I subsequently, on next boot up, got the error window that was mentioned by another person in a previous post. Now that I've done some 'light' reading on this, I am wondering how I can get a copy of the file. www.dll-files.com didn't have it. Any suggestions anyone has are warmly appreciated. Thanks.

# 11 Dec 2013, 0:23

Roger Karlsson writes

7 thumbs

TBHostSupport.dll is part of Conduit. You are getting the RUNDLL error message because your system is still configured to run the now missing TBHostSupport.dll file.

You can remove the TBHostSupport.dll error message with the help of FreeFixer with these steps:

1. Install and run FreeFixer.
2. Start the scan.
3. In the scan result, scroll down to "Registry Startups".
4. Check the entry that mentions TBHostSupport.dll.
5. Click Fix.
6. Restart your computer.
7. The error message should now no longer appear.

Please let me know if this solved the problem.

# 11 Dec 2013, 2:34

kevineffinger writes

3 thumbs

I followed Roger Karlssons Instuctions to the letter. I'am still getting C:Users\Kevin\AppData\Local\TBHostSupport\TBHostSupport.dll
The specifed module could not be found.

# 12 Dec 2013, 19:24

Hiho writes

0 thumbs

I has the problem that Jim described on 28 November 2013. I used the fix suggested by Roger Karrison (11 December). Fixed the problem perfectly. Many thanks Roger.

# 14 Dec 2013, 2:06

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@Hiho: Excellent, good to hear that solved the problem.

@kevineffinger: It's possible that there is another reference to TBHostSupport.dll that needs to be deleted in order to remove the error message. Please verify that all references to TBHostSupport.dll have been removed by searching for TBHostSupport.dll in FreeFixer's scan result. You can search in the scan result by pressing CTRL and F.

# 16 Dec 2013, 23:52

Eric Fiesley writes

0 thumbs

I'm impressed by how easy it was to fix an annoyance. Having people like Roger Karrison who is good enough to detail a quick fix makes my life easier to tollerate. Thanks Roger!

# 4 Jan 2014, 14:24

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

Thank you Eric!

# 10 Jan 2014, 8:46

Shan Rogers writes

0 thumbs

Thank you so much. It worked like a charm.
I think I will buy the full service and not just the free one.

Many thanks

# 10 Jan 2014, 23:20

Danish writes

0 thumbs

I found this "tbhostsupport" when I went to msinfo32 and it's 44kb and I went in to find more details on it and it has been there since 2009 as rundll32.exe and I scanned it with my norton antivirus and it said no threat detected. I am not sure what is it is it harmful or it's just the thing Microsoft windows use it to run the laptop I a
Confused help me please!

# 29 Jan 2014, 18:08

anna writes

1 thumb

keep getting C:\Users\Anna\AppData\Local\TBHostSupport\TBHostSupport.dll
The specified module could not be found.How can I reinstate. It stops me from connecting candy crush to facebook

# 9 Feb 2014, 12:02

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@Shan Rogers: Happy to hear FreeFixer helped you solved the problem.

@Danish: rundll32.exe is a file from Microsoft. Please let Norton scan TBHostSupport.dll instead.

@anna: Please check out my comment above where I show how to remove the TBHostSupport.dll RUNDLL error pop-up:


I've also posted a video at YouTube where I show how to get rid of RUNDLL error messages:


Did this help you solve the TBHostSupport.dll problem?

# 13 Feb 2014, 2:35

Faye writes

0 thumbs

TY TY TY to Roger Karlsson for the information on how to remove this file. Worked like a charm. TY again.


# 7 Apr 2014, 14:58

Joyce Stein writes

0 thumbs

Thanks. Your advise about getting rid of TBHostSupport.dll worked like a charm. Finally able to get rid of the error message that was annoying the heck out of me.

# 8 Apr 2014, 4:44

Louie writes

1 thumb

My problem with c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\tbhostsupport\TBHostSupport.dll is now over after using freefixer. Simple and effective solution!

Thanks a lot Roger!

# 10 Apr 2014, 7:24

makis writes

0 thumbs

i did ran the fixer but there are no entries under registry start ups for tbhost support.dll
though everytime i boot the computer i keep receiving the same message i.e:"appdata\local\tbhostsupport\TBHostSupport.dll. The specified module could not be found. "

# 5 May 2014, 5:50

makis writes

0 thumbs

re ran the software and the missing file entry was spotted!!!
and deleted and message does not appear anymore after restarting the computer

# 8 May 2014, 14:41

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@makis, @Louie, @Joyce and @Faye: Thanks for the feedback. Good to hear you got rid of the TBHostSupport.dll error message.

# 24 May 2014, 5:49

smiffy56 writes

0 thumbs

tb host missing

# 23 Jun 2014, 0:36

Kina Mikesell writes

0 thumbs

This was listed as FREE Fixer...Yet to get my errors fixed I must Register and PAY a fee, SCAM ,,NOT FREE False Advertisement

# 8 Jul 2014, 16:21

_richard_ writes

0 thumbs

your instructions strongly imply this is free to remove dbhost problem & other trawl checked items-but wont fix anything without payt?!!

# 26 Jul 2014, 0:50

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@Kina & @Richard: FreeFixer DOES NOT require you to pay anything in order to fix items listen in the FreeFixer scan result. The free version of FreeFixer has always been fully functional when it comes to scanning and removing items listed in the scan result.

There is a Pro version of FreeFixer that you can purchase to support my work. The pro version adds a quarantine feature that allows you to restore files.

# 3 Aug 2014, 1:56

Raymond Hemphill writes

0 thumbs

Thank you so much its gone.
Now when i start up my hp windows 8.1 i do keep getting the uplayer media popup i was wondering how do i stop that from showing up each time i boot up my computer

# 19 Aug 2014, 8:00

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@Raymond: That uplayer pop-up, does it appear in your web browser?

# 20 Aug 2014, 7:28

Raymond Hemphill writes

0 thumbs

Yes each time I boot up my windows 8
It starts off with two command prompts (idc anyway) then this web browser pops up after that and asks me if I wanna download it. I still click the RED X box to stop it.

# 20 Aug 2014, 16:57

John N writes

0 thumbs

I had a few .dll issues, API Support and TB Host support. I downloaded the freefixer and removed the files and now I don't receive the module not found message on startup. I am just writing to give you my utmost THANKS for solving this issue for me. I've been going crazy to try to fix it with no success until now. I really appreciate it, Thanks again.

# 20 Oct 2014, 19:39

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@John: Thank you very much for you feedback!

# 19 Dec 2014, 4:44

Slambo239 writes

0 thumbs

I had to write to say thanks. Worked exactly as you said. So often these pages advertise a fix and download this to fix it....then it turns out to be another problem with the fix you just installed. Huge thanks for honestly providing what you advertise.

# 2 Mar 2015, 18:03

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@Slambo239: Thanks for the feedback!

# 5 Mar 2015, 7:26

Terry writes

0 thumbs

I had a problem with TBhostsupport.dll warning popping up at startup and then stumbled upon this website. I downloaded FreeFixer and was able to solve this annoying problem...thanks Roger!

# 14 Mar 2015, 8:54

zaky writes

0 thumbs

Go to run Type REGEDIT than enter. Search in the register for TBHostSupport when you find it delete it. close regedit and its gone . QED

# 15 Mar 2015, 17:59

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@Terry: Thanks for the feedback!

# 26 Mar 2015, 3:19

Elizabeth Brakeman writes

0 thumbs

Hi, I have several AppData issues, I would love to not see this pop up when I start my computer.

# 5 Apr 2015, 8:38

Eddy writes

0 thumbs

I just wanted to thank Roger for helping me fix this problem. Safe, quick and effective.

# 20 Apr 2015, 5:27

Peter writes

0 thumbs

Thank you!
Thank you!
I repaired that nasty problem exactly as you suggested!
I hated that pop up!
Windows 7


# 14 May 2015, 16:29

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

Good to hear you solved the pop up error message problem.

# 27 Jun 2015, 10:15

Johan writes

0 thumbs

Problem solved. Thanks Roger

# 16 Oct 2015, 3:57

Ramana writes

0 thumbs

How to remove this message.
There was a problem starting
The specified module could not be found.

# 23 Mar 2016, 0:03

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