What is interstatnogui.exe?

interstatnogui.exe is part of UserMon and developed by Global surveys according to the interstatnogui.exe version information.

interstatnogui.exe's description is "Internet usage"

interstatnogui.exe is usually located in the 'c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\roaming\interstatnogui\' folder.

None of the anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal reports anything malicious about interstatnogui.exe.

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Vendor and version information [?]

The following is the available information on interstatnogui.exe:

Product nameUserMon
Company nameGlobal surveys
File descriptionInternet usage
Internal nameUser monitor
Original filenameUserMon.exe
Legal copyrightCopyright (C) 2015
Product version1.0.3.18
File version1.0.3.18

Here's a screenshot of the file properties when displayed by Windows Explorer:

Product nameUserMon
Company nameGlobal surveys
File descriptionInternet usage
Internal nameUser monitor
Original filenameUserMon.exe
Legal copyrightCopyright (C) 2015
Product version1.0.3.18
File version1.0.3.18

Digital signatures [?]

interstatnogui.exe is not signed.

VirusTotal report

None of the 57 anti-virus programs at VirusTotal detected the interstatnogui.exe file.

None of the 57 anti-virus programs detected the interstatnogui.exe file.

Hashes [?]


Error Messages

These are some of the error messages that can appear related to interstatnogui.exe:

interstatnogui.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

interstatnogui.exe - Application Error. The instruction at "0xXXXXXXXX" referenced memory at "0xXXXXXXXX". The memory could not be "read/written". Click on OK to terminate the program.

Internet usage has stopped working.

End Program - interstatnogui.exe. This program is not responding.

interstatnogui.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

interstatnogui.exe - Application Error. The application failed to initialize properly (0xXXXXXXXX). Click OK to terminate the application.

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edsf2001@gmail.com writes

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i aveinterstanogui on my cmuter and i cannot remove it??
is there any way to remove it for free???

# 20 Feb 2016, 9:36

Dennis F writes

0 thumbs

edsf2001: Revo UnInstaller worked fine on removing the file & the 8 registry entries without problem.

# 24 Mar 2016, 17:58

Kelly writes

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i have deleted the interstatnogui.exe with everything i can including your software and it keeps coming back.

# 1 Apr 2016, 18:04

Edtion writes

1 thumb

For the past for days I've noticed that chrome had some open processes but running in the background, using a lot of memory and tremendously slowing down other tasks, so much that I uninstalled chrome (not my main browser anyway). But then Internet Explorer starting doing it instead. After looking up where data that chrome was interacting with was being sent, I found to check the startup items with msconfig. I found this {interstatnogui.exe} and obviously I never knowingly installed it, so I disabled it, ended it's process in task manager then deleted the file. Now chrome isn't running in the background anymore.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware doesn't detect this as a virus but given it's nature to hide in the background, suck up my memory and use network/data, it is definitely a virus.

# 21 Jul 2016, 6:34

Roger Karlsson writes

1 thumb

Thank you for sharing. To me, the interstatnogui.exe file looks suspicious. However, none of the anti-virus programs over at VirusTotal detects it.

# 12 Aug 2016, 4:40

Carter writes

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I have observed exactly the same behaviour as described by Edtion, Chrome was running in the background, making 200+ connections to different ips, so I uninstalled and then Internet Explorer started doing the exact same thing.

I had installed audio software Stereo_Mix_Plus_Setup.exe from REMOVETHIShttp://stereomixplus.com to allow streaming my own internal PC audio online. It's possible I left a box ticked to install something extra, but I can't remember for sure. What it was clear it installed was Lavasoft Web Companion which I initially assumed to be the culprit, as even after uninstalling, a scan with adwcleaner revealed a large number of registry entries and files left over. I then ran a full Kaspersky and malwarebytes scan and nothing was found.

After a few days, assuming everything was now OK, I unblocked Internet Explorer in Kaspersky, but set it so it had to request access. A short while after, I got a warning that an encrypted connection was attempted to being made to vast.ssp.optimatic.com, so I blocked that and then checked Kaspersky Network Monitor. Again, there were 200+ connections to different ips in a background Internet Explorer process, so I blocked all net access, and blocked internet explorer again in Kaspersky settings. However, I then looked at process explorer, and I could see the 2nd highest cpu usage was by interstatnogui.exe located at C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Interstatnogui , and it turns out this file was installed as I installed the Stereo_Mix_Plus_Setup.exe

It appears to be a variant of inetstat a bogus programme claiming to measure download speed


The original filename in its file properties is UMon.exe version

It is connected to the website REMOVETHISinterstat.eu which is marked as a malware or malicious site by at least 10 providers




The file, as UMon.exe is only detected by 4 providers so far


I just reanalysed interstatnogui.exe and it is now being detected by one provider (previously was zero)


# 22 Sep 2016, 13:18

Roger Karlsson writes

1 thumb

@Carter: Thank you very much for the detailed information. I'll have a look at the StereoMixPlus software myself. Hopefully I get my hands on the UMon.exe and interstatnogui.exe and see them in action.

# 23 Sep 2016, 2:10

Carter writes

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Hi Roger! I actually made a typo there, the original exe was UserMon.exe not UMon.exe. I assume you could run it in a virtual machine or sandbox, I think it requires itself to be run as administrator (possibly for nefarious reasons) so I wouldn't recommend running in standard mode! It gave an option to untick, I presume you should leave that, although I suspect it makes no difference to the interstat malware. The software itself is also only a trial, which is what made me uninstall as there was no warning of that on its webpage. There is free software that does the same thing here which I used instead REMOVETHIShttp://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Cable/index.htm .

I have also been posting about this on tenforums, my latest post is below, in which I post extracts from the strings which reveal quite a lot of information on the malware, and link it to many other processes and a more widely detected malware named Weatherman both seemingly created by someone named Ozrenko (a Yugoslavian name). That is assessed as much more dangerous by some av providers than simple adware, possibly installing backdoor irc channels. The crash reporting seems a possible cover for data theft, perhaps a tactic to trick avs into thinking it's benign?


inetstat.exe interstat.exe speedtray.exe isup.exe UserMon.exe

inter_weather_v320.exe interstat.exe gpupd55f74af50.exe inter_weather2.exe




softwebbar.exe sftwbbr_v333.exe





BandwidthMon BandwidthMon.exe aka bandwidthstat.exe speedmon.exe inter_bandwidth_v339.exe


See also


note registry entries at bottom of page with crash reporting etc.


# 23 Sep 2016, 4:41

Roger Karlsson writes

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@Carter: Thank you very much for sharing your findings. I've just tested the StereoMixPlus software (in a Vmware Virtual machine) and in my case it bundled the old "Search Protect" by ClientConnect LTD.


Unfortunately no interstatnogui.exe for me :(

# 26 Sep 2016, 3:34

Carter writes

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Hi Roger, when you say it bundled it, was it offered as a tickable box option or did it just install regardless? That's the thing about my install, I think Lavasoft Web Companion was the declared option but interstat came unannounced. Might be worth downloading Web Companion and it see if it comes as part of that?

I could email the interstatnogui file if you like, and my download of Stereo Mix Plus in case it's different. I note the software seems to originate in China with a company named Shining Morning Inc. which has past form on installing adware at the very least with its 'magic camera' software



# 27 Sep 2016, 3:39

Roger Karlsson writes

1 thumb

@Carter: I ran the StereoMixPlus installer again this morning. This time I tested to click the "Skip" button when I was offered to install the bundled Search Protect software, and Search Protect was not installed.

Here's a link to the installer file:


It's possible that the installer chooses different bundled offers based on geographic location or other criteria. I was running the installer in VMware which could have been detected by the installer.

I also downloaded WebCompanion. Didn't see any bundled offers there.

Thank you, but there's no need to mail the interstatnogui.exe file, I already have the file described on this web page. I think its interesting figure out who bundles that unwanted software, since the FreeFixer software cannot figure that out for the users.

Anyway, thank you very much for sharing all that interesting info about interstatnogui.exe. Please let me know if you find out more about it. I'll keep you posted if I find something new.

# 28 Sep 2016, 2:05

Carter writes

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Thanks for your reply Roger. Did you try and set interstatnogui as a startup object and try and observe its behaviour? Annoyingly I deleted the exact registry key it used with Revo Uninstaller Autorun Manager.

# 29 Sep 2016, 3:57

Carter writes

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A newer version of Weatherman I just discovered, compiled in April, version, compared to older version number had by previous Weatherman and variants


BandwidthMon (BandwidthMon.exe aka bandwidthstat.exe speedmon.exe inter_bandwidth_v339.exe)

User Monitor (UserMon.exe aka softwebbar.exe sftwbbr_v333.exe)


# 29 Sep 2016, 17:06

Carter writes

1 thumb

Another variant Network Monitor with varying version numbers, now detected by 15 providers as a Trojan

confirmed links to interstat from variant filenames in strings interstat.exe inetstat.exe bandwidthstat.exe


# 29 Sep 2016, 17:42

Carter writes

1 thumb

Now being detected by five providers on Virustotal.

# 31 Oct 2016, 17:25

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