What is nengine.dll?

nengine.dll is part of nengine and developed by NewNextDotMe according to the nengine.dll version information.

nengine.dll's description is "NewNext Helper Engine"

nengine.dll is usually located in the 'c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\roaming\newnext.me\' folder.

Some of the anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal detected nengine.dll.

If you have additional information about the file, please share it with the FreeFixer users by posting a comment at the bottom of this page.

Vendor and version information [?]

The following is the available information on nengine.dll:

Product namenengine
Company nameNewNextDotMe
File descriptionNewNext Helper Engine
Original filenamenengine.dll
Legal copyrightCopyright (C) 2013
Product version1.0.0.1
File version0.3.2.0

Here's a screenshot of the file properties when displayed by Windows Explorer:

Product namenengine
Company nameNewNextDotMe
File descriptionNewNext Helper Engine
Original filenamenengine.dll
Legal copyrightCopyright (C) 2013
Product version1.0.0.1
File version0.3.2.0

Digital signatures [?]

nengine.dll is not signed.

VirusTotal report

1 of the 48 anti-virus programs at VirusTotal detected the nengine.dll file. That's a 2% detection rate.

ScannerDetection Name
DrWeb Trojan.Siggen6.685
1 of the 48 anti-virus programs detected the nengine.dll file.

Folder name variants

nengine.dll may also be located in other folders than c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\roaming\newnext.me\. The most common variants are listed below:

Hashes [?]


Error Messages

These are some of the error messages that can appear related to nengine.dll:

RUNDLL - Error loading c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\roaming\newnext.me\nengine.dll. The specified module could not be found.

RunDLL - There was a problem starting c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\roaming\newnext.me\nengine.dll. The specified module could not be found.

What will you do with nengine.dll?

To help other users, please let us know what you will do with nengine.dll:

What did other users do?

The poll result listed below shows what users chose to do with nengine.dll. 78% have voted for removal. Based on votes from 3854 users.

User vote results: There were 3009 votes to remove and 845 votes to keep

NOTE: Please do not use this poll as the only source of input to determine what you will do with nengine.dll.

Malware or legitimate?

If you feel that you need more information to determine if your should keep this file or remove it, please read this guide.

Please select the option that best describe your thoughts on the information provided on this web page

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Please share with the other users what you think about this file. What does this file do? Is it legitimate or something that your computer is better without? Do you know how it was installed on your system? Did you install it yourself or did it come bundled with some other software? Is it running smoothly or do you get some error message? Any information that will help to document this file is welcome. Thank you for your contributions.

I'm reading all new comments so don't hesitate to post a question about the file. If I don't have the answer perhaps another user can help you.

Bob writes

4 thumbs

Ok, Glary Utilities (or perhaps MalwareBytes) removed this nengine.dll file and now whenever I boot up I get a dialog box telling me that the system can't find it. Obviously something somewhere is looking for it. How do I get rid of this pesky dialog box question at every boot up?

# 14 Dec 2013, 15:41

Roger Karlsson writes

16 thumbs

@Bob: Here's how to fix the nengine.dll RUNDLL error with FreeFixer:

1. Download, install and run FreeFixer.
2. Start the scan.
3. Scroll down to "Registry Startup" in the scan result.
4. Check the item that mention nengine.dll
5. Click Fix.

Did this solve the problem?

# 15 Dec 2013, 2:40

+john+ writes

1 thumb

dear Mr. Karlson,
I would like to thank you for the advice you gave Bob on 12/14/2013. I followed your instructions and it fixed my problem.
thank you,

# 2 Jan 2014, 12:23

Frank Hogendorf writes

1 thumb

THX a lot! This worked perfect 4 me 2!

# 3 Jan 2014, 1:24

Baz writes

1 thumb

also removed jumpflip and mysearchdial - these arrived when I incorrectly wenty for a skype download from an unofficial site and were associated with newnext.me.
Although I uninstalled the programmes, I got error messages as posted here. Hopefully these have been corrected thanx to your tool and ability to remove (these) associated files, etc. Thanx again!

# 5 Jan 2014, 11:38

gyurma174 writes

-1 thumb

Hello all.
Nekem automatikusan települt a netr?l "Mobogenie" és teljesen le lassult a gépem ett?l a programtó. Uninstalláltam "Mobogenie" -t de maga után hagyta ezt a mappát "c:\documents and settings\%USERNAME%\local settings\application data\genienext\" De ezt is töröltem manuálisan. A rendszer ezután hiper gyors lett újra. De rendszer újra indítása után ez a kép fogadott "http://www.kephost.com/view3.php?filename=a1_2014_1_9_lywnf26lpz.jpg" és nem tudok vele mit kezdeni!!!

# 9 Jan 2014, 13:42

Roger Karlsson writes

1 thumb

@gyurma174: Please check out my comment above on how to fix the neingine.dll RUNDLL error with help from FreeFixer:


# 10 Jan 2014, 7:47

gyurma174 writes

0 thumbs

Thankju Köszönöm szépen a helpet.Elnézést hogy nem angolul írok pedig próbáltam csak a google fordító hülyén fordított.

# 10 Jan 2014, 18:06

Angel writes

0 thumbs

I had axko and this newnext. It won't let me open system restore, delete any programs with the program uninstall from control panel or any virus software. I had let my current software get out of date and now when I try to donload and virus scan, malware program, freefixer comodo, mcafee or trend micro...basically anything that could get rid of it, I can't open the file. I've tried everything I can think of short of throwing the whole thing out of the window. Any suggestions?

# 11 Jan 2014, 23:34

rangoon writes

4 thumbs

nengine.dll got installed in the %AppData%\newnext.me folder via a nasty piece malware calle Mobogenie which masquerades as some sort of mobile telephone service. This came packaged with some legitimate software I wanted and sneaked its way into the install process without my noticing it. After installation I discovered that the Explorer context menu Delete item was absent from the whole of my user profile directory; nor could I use the Delete Key on the keyboard to delete files. I had to open a Command prompt as Administrator and use the rmdir /s /q %AppData%\newnext.me command to remove this folder. Then I had to remove registry entries from both HKCU and HKLM which try to start the process up at Start. The same has to be done with any Mobogenie and genienext folders found under %userprofile%\appdata or program files(x86). This is definitely a piece of Malware, but I restarted and hope it is gone; the context menu items have returned in my userprofile folder and I have deleted all cookies and temporary internet files to be extra safe. So my advice - get rid of this crap as soon as possible.

# 12 Jan 2014, 5:18

Nash Muhaimine writes

1 thumb

hye... my internet stopped due to this problem... how do i active it back?

# 14 Jan 2014, 19:00

Rolv Eigil Nilsen writes

0 thumbs

dear Mr. Karlson,
I would like to thank you for the advice you gave Bob on 12/14/2013. I followed your instructions and it fixed my problem.
thank you,
Rolv Eigil Nilsen

# 15 Jan 2014, 8:18

Nikko Magpantay writes

2 thumbs

Thank you so much. It really works! +free :)

# 16 Jan 2014, 0:07

Mo13 writes

-1 thumb

Nengine.dll was detected by AdAware, which tried in vain for several times to quarantine it but it emerged again. Despite AdAware's recommendation to quarantine, I then tried removing the malware but it still popped up on the next scan.

# 19 Jan 2014, 22:04

Mr. Bill writes

0 thumbs

What is Nengine starting up?

# 20 Jan 2014, 15:25

Mario Piekhaar writes

0 thumbs

Zone Alarm detected and deleted nengine.
However I now need to follow the instructions to delete de source that is not able to find nengine.
I will use the instructions above,
Thanks very much!

# 21 Jan 2014, 2:27

Mo13 writes

0 thumbs

I followed Roger Carlson's advise, written on December 15, 2013. The nuisance named nengine.dll was successfully removed from my computer.

Thanks a lot, Roger.

# 21 Jan 2014, 4:23

Silver909 writes

0 thumbs

Very nice program, used it to clean up a fresh windows install after deciding to try out a new program that ended up riddled with garbage like this nengine crap. Used FreeFixer to take care of all instances of the Nengine, no AdAware or MalwareBytes or anything and it worked perfect, confirmed killed upon reboot, very satisfied. Only thing that would have made this better is if it automatically killed known "threats" like this, but I understand that that's not the purpose of the program.

# 21 Jan 2014, 22:52

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@Silver909: Happy to hear you like the FreeFixer program. I'm about to release v1.08 with some new features.

@Rolv & @Mo13: Thanks for the feedback! Good to hear FreeFixer removed the nengine.dll error message.

# 25 Jan 2014, 7:20

==Hans== writes

0 thumbs

Thanks a lot for this program. Really help-full.
My rule about Nengine and others like Mobogenie: They might be officially signed and so on, but when a program suddenly appears on my system and I did not put it or when the program is not contributing to keep the system running, it is malware.

Thanks again,
Best regards

# 26 Jan 2014, 22:31

HARISH writes

1 thumb

Dear Roger Karlsson
I don`t know how I thank you. I did just followed path you showed. It really did work!
Thank you once again

# 27 Jan 2014, 6:36

Abdullah writes

1 thumb

This file is created by mobogeni program. That claims as Android phone manager. i fear that they are spying the peoples phone or computers through this program.
rename "newnext.me" directory and run mobogeni. it will create a new directory with this name. I think this is a spying program but i am not sure.

# 27 Jan 2014, 8:26

vaibhav patil writes

1 thumb

sir ,my laptop containing nengine.dll is deleted then whenever laptop is start then error message display on screen
sir ,i want to how to download thid dll file how to fix.
that error.

# 27 Jan 2014, 21:53

arun saha writes

5 thumbs

windows showing "RunDLL"
There was a problem starting
The specified module could not be found.
Is there any solution of this problem without formating my laptop (hp 650 model)

# 27 Jan 2014, 22:05

BLUSTER writes

1 thumb

I just did what u said and worked!

Thanks a lot Roger Karlsson!

# 1 Feb 2014, 7:30

ashish writes

0 thumbs

when i open my dell laptop its says a error message.
Rundll there was a problem starting
C:\Users\Dell\Appdata\Roaming\newnext.me\nengine.dll is not a valid Win32 application.what can i do.please help me

# 3 Feb 2014, 6:07

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@Hans: Yes, nengine.dll seems to appear together with MobileGenie. I cannot say for sure if it's a separate piece of software or if it belongs to MobileGenie. The anti-virus programs appear to classify it as a separate program.

@HARISH: Excellent! Good to hear you solved the problem!

@vaibhav, @arunsaha, @ashish: If you want to remove the nengine.dll RUNDLL error message, please check out my comment above: http://www.freefixer.com/library/file/nengine.dll-106324/#comment5439 where I show how to remove the RUNDLL error pop-up with FreeFixer. Did this help you solve the problem?

@BLUSTER: Thank you! I'm glad FreeFixer helped you solve the problem!

And by the way, many of the anti-virus programs are now detecting neninge.dll:

ESET-NOD32 Win32/NextLive.A
MicroWorld-eScan Trojan_NextLive.adw (ES)
Antiy-AVL Trojan/Win32.Patched.156
NANO-Antivirus Trojan.Win32.NextLive.csjhvj
nProtect Trojan-Clicker/W32.Agent.1283584
Malwarebytes PUP.Optional.NextLive.A
Agnitum PUA.Agent!
Rising PE:Trojan.Win32.Generic.16594EEF!374951663
Kaspersky not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Agent.ahgx
Jiangmin Adware/Agent.jcj
Emsisoft Adware.Win32.Agent (A)
DrWeb Adware.NextLive.1 20140213
CAT-QuickHeal AdWare.Agent.eng (Not a Virus)
VBA32 AdWare.Agent
VIPRE Adware.Agent
TrendMicro-HouseCall ADW_NEXTLIVE

# 13 Feb 2014, 4:43

Beny writes

0 thumbs

I have the folder "Newnextme" in AppData/Roaming. The file was detected initially by MacAfee.
I tried the path you showed with Freefixer, but I can not find in "Registry Startup" the item nengine.dll. I tried several times, but always same result. I remarked that every time I launched the scan of Freefixer, at the same MacAfee detected the file nengine.dll. What can I do? Should I desactivate MacAfee when I launch Freefixer? Is it not a risk?

# 14 Feb 2014, 11:44

Dan writes

0 thumbs

Worked perfectly. thanks a lot.

# 16 Feb 2014, 6:42

Roger Karlsson writes

-1 thumb

@Dan: Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear FreeFixer helped you solve the problem.

@Beny: Unfortunately I don't know why nengine.dll is not showing up in your scan.

There's an alternative method to deleted files with FreeFixer, in case they don't show up in the scan result. If you have the full path to the nengine.dll file, you can go into the Tools tab in FreeFixer. Under "File Nuker", type in (or paste) the full path to nengine.dll. Then click "Delete file" and reboot your machine. During the reboot, FreeFixer will remove nengine.dll from your computer.

Did that successfully remove nengine.dll from your machine?

# 17 Feb 2014, 3:45

Christine Brown writes

1 thumb

when i start my PC up every morning i receive this message on my screen.
c:\users/user\AppData\roaming\nen next.me\nengine.dll
Could you please tell me how i can get rid of it as its driving me crazy
Many thanks
Mrs C Brown
Christine Brown

# 17 Feb 2014, 17:09

Roger Karlsson writes

-1 thumb

@Christine Brown: Please check out my comment above:


Did that help you remove the nengine.dll error message?

# 18 Feb 2014, 6:57

salma writes

-2 thumbs

windows showing "RunDLL"
There was a problem starting
The specified module could not be found.

# 18 Feb 2014, 10:11

salma writes

0 thumbs

whenever i start my laptop,this message displays on my screen
windows showing "RunDLL"
There was a problem starting
The specified module could not be found.
plz,help me to get rid of this error message...

# 18 Feb 2014, 10:22

Roger Karlsson writes

1 thumb

@Salma: Please check out my first comment, which explains how to fix the nengine.dll error message.

# 18 Feb 2014, 10:36

Roger Karlsson writes

-1 thumb

Many of the anti-virus programs are now detecting NEngine.dll. Here are the most recent scan:

* ESET-NOD32 Win32/NextLive.A 20140218
* GData Win32.Adware.NextLive.A 20140218
* MicroWorld-eScan Trojan_NextLive.adw (ES) 20140218
* Antiy-AVL Trojan/Win32.Patched 20140218
* NANO-Antivirus Trojan.Win32.NextLive.csjhvj 20140218
* nProtect Trojan-Clicker/W32.Agent.1283584 20140218
* Malwarebytes PUP.Optional.NextLive.A 20140218
* Agnitum PUA.Agent! 20140218
* Rising PE:Trojan.Win32.Generic.16594EEF!374951663 20140218
* Kaspersky not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Agent.ahgx 20140218
* Jiangmin Adware/Agent.jcj 20140218
* Emsisoft Adware.Win32.Agent (A) 20140218
* DrWeb Adware.NextLive.1 20140218
* CAT-QuickHeal AdWare.Agent.eng (Not a Virus) 20140218
* ViRobot Adware.Agent.1283584 20140218
* VBA32 AdWare.Agent 20140218
* VIPRE Adware.Agent 20140218
* McAfee Adware-NewNext!366BFBC6A6A9 20140218
* McAfee-GW-Edition Adware-NewNext!366BFBC6A6A9 20140218
* TrendMicro ADW_NEXTLIVE 20140218
* TrendMicro-HouseCall ADW_NEXTLIVE 20140218

# 18 Feb 2014, 10:38

salma writes

0 thumbs

The scan result is showing this
c:\program files(x86)\mobogenie\DaemonProcess.exe\(file is missing)
c:\windows\syswow64\rundll32.exe"c:\users\user\APPData\Raming\newnext.nengine.dll",Entry point.M|(file is missing)
what to do now @Roger Karlsson

# 18 Feb 2014, 21:38

Roger Karlsson writes

1 thumb

@salma: Check the checkbox to the left of those two items. Then scroll to the top and click the "Fix" button.

Did that solve the problem?

# 19 Feb 2014, 0:45

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

I've uploaded a video where I show how to remove the nengine.dll RUNDLL error with FreeFixer:


Please let me know if this helped you get rid of the nengine.dll error.

# 19 Feb 2014, 2:46

salma writes

-2 thumbs

their is delete option left to those two items...

# 19 Feb 2014, 3:03

salma writes

0 thumbs

thanks a lot for your valuable information...@ Roger Karlsson

# 19 Feb 2014, 3:42

david M writes

2 thumbs

I get the same "nengine.dll" RUNDLL error having removed the "Adware-NewNext" virus (or whatever it is) with my McAfee anti-virus. I have downloaded Freefixer and done the scan but "nengine.dll" doesn't show in Registry Startup. How do I get the error to stop displaying on startup - it slows everything down while it spends ages looking for the file!!

# 21 Feb 2014, 8:50

harzaj writes

-1 thumb

Roger, Roger. FreeFixer worked for me also, 1000 thx!

# 21 Feb 2014, 11:14

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@salma & @harzaj: Thanks for the feedback. Good to hear you solved the problem.

@david: I'm surprised that nengine.dll did not show up under Registry Startups in your scan. If you like, contact me on email and I'll find another solution to remove the RUNDLL error. Please include your FreeFixer log. You can find my email address here:


# 22 Feb 2014, 6:12

Mina writes

1 thumb

Hi, I installed FreeFixer and when I ran it a window opened but it's completely empty - a blank white window! I tried uninstalling and then installing again, several times, I restarted my computer as well on all of those tries and still the same. From all the responses here this tool apparently works but I can't seem to reach the magic buttons in it... any suggestions?

# 9 Mar 2014, 10:28

Dimitrios writes

0 thumbs

In my case, I got the following message
"RunDLL - There was a problem starting c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\roaming\newnext.me\nengine.dll. The specified module could not be found."
At the start of my system ( windows 7 ) and this happened just one day out of nowere. I mean I was not aware about this dll nor about its coresponding programm.

# 14 Mar 2014, 13:09

Roger Karlsson writes

-1 thumb

@Mina: Thank you for reporting in the problem. I've examined the code that runs during startup of FreeFixer and identified a bug that could have caused the blank white window problem you experienced.

I've fixed the issue and will release a new version tomorrow (17th March) morning. The new version number will be 1.10. Please let me know if that solved the problem.

@Dimitrios: Did you fix the nengine.dll error message?

# 16 Mar 2014, 3:11

Roger Karlsson writes

1 thumb

Just wanted to let you know that the anti-virus programs have improved their detection of NEngine.dll. 26 of the 50 AV scanners now detects it:

* Avast Win32:NextLive-A [Adw] 20140315
* ESET-NOD32 Win32/NextLive.A 20140315
* Bkav W32.AdwareAgentPM.Worm 20140315
* NANO-Antivirus Trojan.Win32.NextLive.csjhvj 20140315
* nProtect Trojan-Clicker/W32.Agent.1283584 20140315
* Malwarebytes PUP.Optional.NextLive.A 20140315
* Agnitum PUA.Agent! 20140313
* Rising PE:Trojan.Win32.Generic.16594EEF!374951663 20140315
* AVG Generic5.AOJM 20140314
* Comodo ApplicUnwnt.Win32.NextLive.~A 20140315
* AntiVir APPL/NextLive.opea.2 20140315
* Jiangmin Adware/Agent.jcj 20140315
* Fortinet Adware/Agent 20140315
* Emsisoft Adware.Win32.Agent (A) 20140315
* DrWeb Adware.NextLive.1 20140315
* Ad-Aware Adware.NewNextMe.A 20140315
* BitDefender Adware.NewNextMe.A 20140315
* F-Secure Adware.NewNextMe.A 20140315
* GData Adware.NewNextMe.A 20140315
* MicroWorld-eScan Adware.NewNextMe.A 20140315
* CAT-QuickHeal AdWare.Agent.eng (Not a Virus) 20140315
* ViRobot Adware.Agent.1283584 20140315
* VBA32 AdWare.Agent 20140314
* VIPRE Adware.Agent 20140315
* McAfee Adware-NewNext 20140315
* McAfee-GW-Edition Adware-NewNext 20140315

# 16 Mar 2014, 3:16

Mina writes

0 thumbs

@Roger: Installed the new version, same problem :(

# 25 Mar 2014, 13:44

E Norm writes

0 thumbs

Thanks Dr. Karlsson:

Ran Free Fixer. Selected the nengine line. Clicked Fix. Ran Scan again (no nengine existed). Rebooted. No error. No nengine.


# 3 Apr 2014, 4:49

Roger Karlsson writes

-1 thumb

@E Norm: Excellent! Thanks for the feedback!

# 3 Apr 2014, 13:16

caio writes

0 thumbs

he scan result is showing this

\rundll32.exe"c:\users\user\APPData\Raming\newnext.nengine.dll",Entry point.M|(file is missing)
but just appear DElete option, not fix. Can I delete this?

# 23 Apr 2014, 3:57

Roger Karlsson writes

-1 thumb

@caio: Yes, check the "Delete" checkbox, and then click the "Fix" button.

For more details, please have a look at the video where I show how to remove the Nengine.dll RunDll error message:


Did this help you solve the problem?

# 24 Apr 2014, 8:07

caio writes

0 thumbs

Thanks!! It worked! :)

# 25 Apr 2014, 5:34

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