What is widevinecdmadapter.dll?

widevinecdmadapter.dll is digitally signed by Google Inc.

widevinecdmadapter.dll is usually located in the 'c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\google\chrome\application\29.0.1547.76\' folder.

None of the anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal reports anything malicious about widevinecdmadapter.dll.

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Vendor and version information [?]

widevinecdmadapter.dll does not have any version or vendor information.

Digital signatures [?]

widevinecdmadapter.dll has a valid digital signature.

Signer nameGoogle Inc
Certificate issuer nameVeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2010 CA
Certificate serial number09e28b26db593ec4e73286b66499c370

VirusTotal report

None of the 48 anti-virus programs at VirusTotal detected the widevinecdmadapter.dll file.

None of the 48 anti-virus programs detected the widevinecdmadapter.dll file.

Hashes [?]


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**Frank** writes

-1 thumb

Hi Roger,
I have no idea how this file arrived on my system, but if it is signed by Microsoft surely they must know what it does or it wouldn't be a .dll?
Will try out your freefixer this week-end and get back to you with my diagnosis.

# 16 Dec 2013, 7:54

Roger Karlsson writes

1 thumb

@Frank: This version of widevinecdmadapter.dll is digitally signed by Google and I think it is part of the "Widevine Media Optimizer"

"The Widevine Media Optimizer is a browser plugin designed for the viewing of premium video content.
The Widevine plugin is commonly used by premium content providers. Please contact your content provider for additional information or support."

source: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/widevine

# 16 Dec 2013, 23:44

Mr kevin writes

-2 thumbs

If you would, please, let me know if/when you have further updates regarding this one. I don't know why, but it has me a little more than concerned.

Thanks so much.

# 20 Jul 2014, 13:02

[Rob] writes

3 thumbs

Frank is naive. Just because a .dll file was created and signed does not make it safe or not make it a performance hog. Furthermore I still remember the old Real.com program(The one I paid for) The one that spied on me and opened a back door for hackers. I do not much like Google spying on me. What I want to know is are they counting videos on their servers and tracking network performance from the client end or is this some nasty ad campaign related software designed to spy on my clicks outside of their own video servers. Also what kind of performance issues ? Is it scheduled to go off every so often?? That is what I want to know? Can this site provide any of those details. I do not have a lot of time to waste figuring out these things.

# 13 Aug 2014, 5:15

Cesar writes

1 thumb

According to the online support page Google says about this file:

You may see one of the following filenames:

I libwidevinecdmadapter.so.
What: Chrome needs the content decryption module (CDM) Widevine to play content-protected audio and video via HTML5 media elements.

Why is it part of Chrome: CDM Widevine enables web video streaming sites play protected content in Chrome, without the need for additional plug-ins such as Flash. It is used only during playback of protected content.


# 20 Nov 2014, 4:10

+Linda+ writes

1 thumb

I removed read/write/modify permissions from Trusted Installer which reduced persistent, noxious adware. A few days later, Norton Security notified of an update to widevinecdma.dll and pronounced it safe. I rarely use Google to search and prefer to control installation of applications on my computer, so I investigated and deleted all traces of this application. CPU performance is vastly improved and Google Search performs normally - to me, this app appears to be an invisible backdoor for advertisers and potential hackers.

# 19 Dec 2014, 7:54

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

@Cesar: Thank you!

# 8 Jan 2015, 23:10

= Rick = writes

2 thumbs

OH-OH! A widevinecdm update apparently downloaded itself 15 hours ago. DO NOT RUN THIS UPDATE unless/ until they get it fixed. I opened google chrome for the first time since at 12:36 AM (1 hour ago). It opened and I started to open a telus site. Norton said widevinecdm update was 'safe but less than 5 users have installed it' and it is 'less than 1 week old'. Somebody has to be first and it was signed by 'google inc.' so I authorized it to run. HUGE MISTAKE! The telus site never opened (says 'connecting' at bottom of screen). After a couple minutes I closed google chrome and tried to reopen it again. It wouldn't... Internet Explorer accesses the internet and google just fine. Tried my wife's computer. Google chrome works just fine. Checked files. Every one of my links in google favorites was modified as file was being run (hundreds of them) and none of them works anymore. There were 3 files/programs that it had together on the Norton info. It is an update for the Content Display Module and if I remember right one was widevinecdm.dll It was 7.59 MB. The other two were much smaller... one was 183kb I think. This update is obviously trouble but Norton Power Eraser found nothing either. I'm running Windows 8.1 fully updated. Widevine website contact isn't working (got 2 screens in using Internet Explorer and it stalled). Norton's 'Contact' button in their program won't even open.
Suspect I have troubles... that you don't want!

# 21 Mar 2015, 1:29

_paul_ writes

-1 thumb

Sir,I would be pleased if you and your company would be kind enough to ' SOD'OFF'Since you are uninvited.WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

# 6 Apr 2015, 11:22

= Rick = writes

-1 thumb

Re: My OH-OH! Comment above. I had to do a system restore to get control of everything again. The links and everything else all seem to work now. The next widevinecdm update was as soon as I went on an internet site and Norton told me it was several weeks old and had many thousands of users.??!!.(What changed?) It did not require me to authorise it to modify anything on the computer like the one above did. It all seems like someone was using the name and the one I got was a brand new malware. Or perhaps the company recognized the problem and pulled the update within a few hours of my downloading it…. Whatever the case it hasn’t caused me the grief since. This Widevinecdm program has since updated itself several times. Everything seems fine. Re: Linda’s comments …I haven’t analyzed performance but I wonder if the ‘protected content‘ videos still play properly after it is removed.

# 8 Apr 2015, 16:29

Pam writes

1 thumb

There are no free lunches. I am relatively new to computers, but my gut instinct tells me this program is not such a good thing. I am wary of any thing that appears on my computer free and without being invited. The old adage goes "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts." What is its real purpose? I appreciate the above cited comments as it confirms my suspicions. Thanks

# 26 May 2015, 7:17

Roger Karlsson writes

0 thumbs

Found some more info on widevinecdmadapter.dll:

"What it is: Chrome needs the Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) to play protected audio and video content using HTML5 media elements.

Why it’s part of Chrome: Widevine CDM lets video streaming websites play protected content on Chrome, without the need for extra plugins like Flash. It is used only during playback of protected content."

source: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6072728?hl=en

# 4 Jul 2015, 8:16

tracysnead writes

0 thumbs

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