What is sedlauncher.exe?

sedlauncher.exe is part of Microsoft® Windows® Operating System and developed by Microsoft Corporation according to the sedlauncher.exe version information.

sedlauncher.exe's description is "sedlauncher"

sedlauncher.exe is digitally signed by Microsoft Windows.

sedlauncher.exe is usually located in the 'C:\Program Files\rempl\' folder.

None of the anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal reports anything malicious about sedlauncher.exe.

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Vendor and version information [?]

The following is the available information on sedlauncher.exe:

Product nameMicrosoft® Windows® Operating System
Company nameMicrosoft Corporation
File descriptionsedlauncher
Internal namesedlauncher
Original filenamesedlauncher
Legal copyright© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Product version10.0.16299.10000
File version10.0.16299.10000 (WinBuild.160101.0800)

Here's a screenshot of the file properties when displayed by Windows Explorer:

Product nameMicrosoft® Windows® Operating System
Company nameMicrosoft Corporation
File descriptionsedlauncher
Internal namesedlauncher
Original filenamesedlauncher
Legal copyright© Microsoft Corporation. All rights..
Product version10.0.16299.10000
File version10.0.16299.10000 (WinBuild.160101.08..

Digital signatures [?]

sedlauncher.exe has a valid digital signature.

Signer nameMicrosoft Windows
Certificate issuer nameMicrosoft Windows Production PCA 2011
Certificate serial number33000001c313a085c356e299d70000000001c3

VirusTotal report

None of the 68 anti-virus programs at VirusTotal detected the sedlauncher.exe file.

None of the 68 anti-virus programs detected the sedlauncher.exe file.

Hashes [?]


Error Messages

These are some of the error messages that can appear related to sedlauncher.exe:

sedlauncher.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

sedlauncher.exe - Application Error. The instruction at "0xXXXXXXXX" referenced memory at "0xXXXXXXXX". The memory could not be "read/written". Click on OK to terminate the program.

sedlauncher has stopped working.

End Program - sedlauncher.exe. This program is not responding.

sedlauncher.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

sedlauncher.exe - Application Error. The application failed to initialize properly (0xXXXXXXXX). Click OK to terminate the application.

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Hello there! writes

13 thumbs

So what'd happen if i delete this from the task manager. I'm really curious to know, will my computer stop running? will my computer be lag free? will it break beyond repair? let me know, because i will delete sedlauncher.exe from my computer in about 30 minutes. Cheers!

# 7 Oct 2018, 12:40

Cataxis writes

6 thumbs

what i particullary need to know about this .exe is what it does, because if it doesn't bothers me at all i don't have a problem with it :'v

# 21 Nov 2018, 10:20

Norbert writes

-1 thumb

I have never seen sedlauncher in Task Manager until AFTER I loaded the "Support Assist" application from the Dell web site. I was wanting to check for updated drivers, and took the lazy way out. Now I am not sure that was such a good idea. I am thinking/guessing sedlauncher may be part of the overall system health checker within Dell's "Support Assist". Probably used on other system checkers as well. Just my $0.02 worth.

# 4 Dec 2018, 9:19

Fred writes

15 thumbs

why doesn't someone give a description of the purpose and if a program is necessary. we all know windows bullshit but what purpose does the bullshit serve ???????

# 7 Dec 2018, 17:21

Richard writes

0 thumbs

Saw this file trying to access the internet and blocked it.

It's in C:\Program Files\rempl with a bunch of log files in a strange format

If this is a windows application why is it in this strange folder?

# 8 Dec 2018, 18:29

Roger Karlsson writes

16 thumbs

sedlauncher.exe is part of the Windows Remediation Service. My understanding is that this service was introduced in update KB4023057.

Here are the main features of the Remediation Service:

* The update may compress files in your user profile directory to help free up enough disk space to install important updates. I think this could be the reason sedsvc.exe is using a lot of disk and CPU. sedsvc.exe is also part of the Remediation Service and you will see this service listed in FreeFixer's scan result.

* Your device may be requested to stay awake longer to enable installation of updates.

* The update may also reset network settings if problems are detected, and it will clean up registry keys that may be preventing updates from being installed.

* The update may repair disabled or corrupted Windows operating system components that determine if updates should be installed.

* The update may reset the Windows Update database to repair the problems that could prevent updates from installing successfully. Therefore, you may see that your Windows Update history was cleared.

There's a file called ServiceStackHardening.Inf in "C:\Program Files\rempl" which also bring some light onto the purpose of the Windows Remediation Service:

[Profile Description]
Description=Hardens the servicing stack against admin tampering

Hope this brought some light onto sedlauncher.exe, sedsvc.exe and the Window sRemediation Service.


# 19 Dec 2018, 2:56

merlin writes

0 thumbs

When I start my computer I get message "sedlancher has changed since you last used it" then 3 options 1 allow app to change program 2 no 3 exit. I go with no, no, but it just keeps coming back. I am just as persistent as it is no means NO!!!

# 5 Feb 2019, 14:30

Which-Doctor writes

3 thumbs

sedlauncher has a really weird malfunction but from my understanding, it is fairly rare. For about 3 months my disk usage was at 100% constantly even when no full programmes were running. I updated drivers, disabled superfetch and windows search, checked my antivirus and so on. But what I found was that sedlauncher was using about 80-90% disk constantly.

# 22 Mar 2019, 13:44

steve writes

-2 thumbs

It crashes games when it starts that I know for sure I use Killer network to fry it basically blocks it from starting or any anti firewall will do the same if you set it up right that way its not disabled nor does it have any rights accessing the internet which in this case all Microsoft services are linked via internet so blocking them from it does not disable the service but blocking it from the internet will prevent them Microsoft from starting it in a way its like saying to Microsoft hey your service is here but I'm going to tell you when I want that service to start and access the internet so the best advise I can tell you is to block it when playing games whether its on a disk or steam or orgin this program sedlauncher.exe will CDT that game and Ive done this multiple times have firewalls in place to block Microsoft from accessing the internet with the services and it works so keep it running when you are not playing games and not doing important work or you will lose your files or playing a game it will cause a cdt to that game and potentially break or corrupt it. Microsoft has some of the dumbest people in its department so you have to be responsible to set up fire walls to block network access to they're services till you are ready to run them again then block them again from the network. Bottom line what I'm trying to say here is yes block it from the network even if they start it up again it won't be able to use any cpu or memory or anything from your computer it will stop the moment it launches because its blocked from network access but don't delete it. You could delete allot of Microsoft services if you take the time to study them and look them up but you won't be able to turn off you computer till you hibernate your pc for at least 10 hours then turn it back on and then you may turn it off and it has to be hibernate not sleep or the work around won't work and you can potentially end up with a broken computer and you will have to reset it so if you are for certain that you don't need a Microsoft service or ever need it or don't use it you will have to disable the service first go the the location where the service is located click properties security then change the owner to you click ok then close properties then reopen it add your name in the first tab as one of the administrator acceptation remove trusted install and all application there should be two all application and replace them with just your username then click auditing and remove everyone and add your username to the list this will permit you to edit the name of the exe file that you want to remove after that is done close properties edit the exe file change the name of it to something meaningful that will offend Microsoft but tell it so they will understand not to screw with your files ever again rofl and after changing the name of the service executable .exe file just delete it go in trash bin click delete one last time hibernate the computer IMPORTANT for at least 10 hours then wake it up then and only then shut your pc down or restart it but safer to shut it down so the pc can flush out the catch then you can turn it on and go about your business thought I'd share this so everyone can do it because the past 9 years ever since windows 10 came out the only thing I know for sure to do is blocking Microsoft services with firewalls from the network or deleting them just the way I explained up above no most of them don't break your computer if you delete Microsoft services but only a few and those are the ones that are directly linked to windows updates the rest are just piles of piles of crap and if you do it step by step like i went into detail above how to do then you won't have any problems just know that you won't receive all the updates only the critical ones which is ok since Microsoft updates break more computers then they actually help them with they're stupid updates and when you will need them or start needing them is like by 2030 which by then you will get a new computer and it won't matter. but the bottom line is, me by disabling and deleting some of these services I've had less problems then I had before when they were installed on my PC also my computer is custom built the whole company is set up like that where I work from so if they complain about it I have an excuse why I did what I did because they were not complying by 3rd party policies last thing Microsoft wants is to be sewed by multiple companies at the same time for violating 3rd party policies which would make them bankrupt.

# 17 Apr 2019, 12:16

PikaTGK writes

0 thumbs

So this sedlauncher.exe thing was using up about 70% of my disk until about a minute ago, and I need to know what it does before it comes back

# 26 Aug 2019, 12:16

Roger Karlsson writes

1 thumb

@PikaTGK: Please check my comment above. It explains why sedlauncher.exe, which is part of the Windows Remediation Service, could use considerable CPU for some time:


However, the Windows Remediation Service should at some point finish and stop the major CPU usage.

# 26 Aug 2019, 22:39

KB writes

0 thumbs

help free up enough disk space-WELL why is there so much bloatware then?

# 15 Sep 2020, 1:03

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