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Remove from Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Results

If you hover the mouse over the links on the Google, Yahoo and Bing search results, does appear in the status area of the browser as shown in the screenshots below? Then you have some adware installed on your machine. I’ll show how to remove the links in this blog post. links Yahoo links Google links Bing

I got the in Firefox, but they can appear if you are browsing with Chrome and Internet Explorer too.

I’ve seen, and show up, but I guess you might spot the following too:


On the machine where I got the links, I had the TinyWallet and BlockAndSurf adware installed. I removed these two with the FreeFixer removal tool, and the problem was solved.

I think that the links can appear due to other adwares as well.

If you like you can use FreeFixer to track down the unwanted software on your machine. If you are having difficulties when determining if a file is safe or malware in FreeFixer’s scan result, please try the More Info links that appears for each file. That will open up a web page with some additional information that can be useful, such as a scan report from VirusTotal:

FreeFixer’s More Info links – Click for full size.

What adware did you remove to stop the links?

It seems as the web site received quite a lot of clicks starting from August. Just check out the traffic rank: alexa