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Symbolicom Holdings Limited – 7% Detection Rate at VirusTotal

Just wanted to let you know about a publisher called Symbolicom Holdings Limited before going back to writing some code for FreeFixer. When I uploaded the Symbolicom Holdings Limited file, named adobe_flash_player.exe, to VirusTotal it came up with a 7% detection rate.

Symbolicom Holdings Limited certificate for adobe_flash_player.exe Symbolicom Holdings Limited publisher in the UAC dialog Symbolicom Holdings Limited Virus Total Report

Some of the detection names are Trojan.MulDrop5a variant of Win32/InstallCore and  HEUR/Malware.QVM06.Gen.

Although the file name contains “adobe” and “flash” it’s not an official Adobe Flash download. The official Adobe Flash Player should be digitally signed by Adobe Inc.

Did you also find a Symbolicom Holdings Limited download? What kind of download was it?


Remove Videos+Media+Players – Adware Removal Instructions

Did you just spot something called Videos+Media+Players on your machine or in your browsers?


No problem, you can remove it with the freeware tool FreeFixer. Just select the Videos+Media+Players files for removal in FreeFixer and click the Fix button. Problem solved.

videos+Media+Players remove videos+Media+Players delete

Did you also find Videos+Media+Players on your machine? Any idea how it was installed?

Update 2014-11-17: Found a new variant called “VideoMedia+Player_v2.3“. Do you think there will be variants called VideoMedia+Player_v2.4 and VideoMedia+Player_v2.5 coming soon? If you have this variant you may see ads labeled “Powered by VideoMedia+Player_v2.3”:

Powered by VideoMedia+Player_v2.3

Update 2014-11-19: Now the files are digitally signed by Xenon Play Center.

Xenon Play Center



How To Remove and FindWide Toolbar

Hello guys and gals! Just wanted to put up a short post before going back to programming. I found another bundled program called FindWide Toolbar yesterday and thought I should give you some removal instructions. and FindWide Toolbar is bundled with some software downloads. Here’s how it appeared in the installer where I found it: toolbar in the installer

If you got and the FindWide Toolbar on your machine, you will see it in the toolbar area on your browser and in the add-ons menu. and the findwide toolbar in firefox

findwide toolbar in firefox's add-on menu

If you want to remove and the FindWide Toolbar, you can do so from the uninstall programs menu in the Windows Control Panel.

remove from the add/remove programs dialog

If that would fail, or if it did not completely remove FindWide, you can remove FindWide with the freeware tool FreeFixer. Just select the FindWide files and settings as shown in the screenshots below:

findwide toolbar firefox freefixer findwide internet explorer

Thanks for reading!

AllGenius Ads – Removal Instructions

Just a short post on a variant of the BrowseFox/AltBrowse adware. It’s called AllGenius. If you got AllGenius on your machine, you’ll see it in the add-ons menu in Internet Explorer and Firefox:

allgenius 1.0.1 in Firefox

AllGenius is bundled with other software. Here’s one example how it appears in an installer for an unrelated program.

allgenious installer

You probably want to remove the AllGenius adware, and you can do so from the Add/Remove programs dialog in the Windows Control Panel:

allgenius remove

That worked for me. Did it completely remove AllGenius for you too? Please share in the comments below.

If the AllGenius installer fails, you can remove it with the freeware tool FreeFixer. Just select the AllGenius files for removal and click the Fix button:

allgenius internet explorer allgeniusbho.dll remove allgenius from firefox


Thanks for reading.

Ads by SpeedCheck – Removal Instructions

Getting ads labeled Ads by SpeedCheck or Brought by SpeedCheck? Then you got the SpeedCheck adware installed on your machine.

Ads by Speedcheck

powered by rightcoupon brought by speedcheckSpeedcheck app gui

SpeedCheck is installed in your web browser. Here’s how it appears in Mozilla Firefox:

SpeedCheck Firefox add-on

The detection rate among the anti-virus programs is very low. Only 2 of the 55 anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal detects the file.

speedcheck Revizer.b

The detection name for SpeedCheck is Revizer.b.

Since you probably want to remove the SpeedCheck ads, these are the files you should check if you want to remove it with FreeFixer:

SpeedCheck update Speedcheck Firefox removal with FreeFixer SpeedCheck removal with FreeFixer

Thank you for reading! Any idea how you got SpeedCheck on your machine?

How To Remove FastPlayer

Did you just find something called FastPlayer on your machine? You might want to scan your computer with an anti-malware program. Here’s the detection results for FastPlayer.exe:

FastPlayer virustotal

You can remove FastPlayer with FreeFixer. Just select FastPlayer.exe, fastplayerupdaterservice.exe and fastChecker.exe for removal:

fastplayer.exe in freefixer

Any idea how you got the FastPlayer on your machine?

Thanks for reading.