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What is UnknownFile? And How To Remove It

Getting a pop-up dialog labeled “UnknownFile” while double-clicking on a file on your computer?

UnknownFile Dialog

Well, then you’ve got the UnknownFile File Assistant installed on your machine. While this dialog is active, you can also see UnknownFile.exe running in the Windows Task Manager. You probably got this program on your computer when installing something else. I found UnknownFile bundled with the Softango Downloaders. Did you also download and install something from Softango?

So, how do you remove UnknownFile? No problem, just uninstall it from the Programs and Features dialog:

UnknownFile Uninstall

Hope you found this useful.

By the way, none of the anti-virus programs detects UnknownFile, except MalwareBytes which has named UnknownFile.exe Trojan.Agent.MVXGen:

UnknownFile.exe VirusTotal Report - Trojan.Agent.MVXGen

Ads by SaferSearch – Removal Instructions

Are you seeing ads labeled “Ads by SaferSearch” while browsing the web? Then you have the SaferSearch adware installed on your machine.

ads by safersearch - banner

ads by safersearch - navlink

I found SaferSearch while testing a download. Here’s how it was disclosed in the installer:

safersearch in installer

Removing SaferSearch can be done with FreeFixer, by selecting the SaferSearch files in the scan result:

safersearch task safersearch firefox safersearch bho and startup

How did you get SaferSearch on your computer?


Smart Secure Software S.l – Bundling and VirusTotal Report

Just a quick post before going back to working on FreeFixer. Found a “Google Chrome” download this morning, digitally signed by Smart Secure Software S.l. 

Smart Secure Software S.l

Smart secure software sl - google_chrome.exe - Click Yes to begin setup

The problem is that it was not an official Chrome download. The setup file bundled a large number of potentially unwanted programs, such as GridMonetize, IStartSurf, PepperZip, Severe Weather Alerts, Wajam, Browser App and CostMin, as shown in the screenshots below:IstartSurf installer GridMonetize installer CostMin installer

And here’s the VirusTotal report:

Smart Secure Software Virus Total Report

DomainIQ, SoftPulse and Smart Secure Software are some of the detection names.

Did you also find a file digitally signed by Smart Secure Software S.l.? What kind of download was it and where did you find it?

How To Remove MySearch?

Do you see an add-on listed in Firefox and Internet Explorer called MySearch?

MySearch 2.1 Firefox Add-on MySearch Internet Explorer Add-on


The MySearch add-on is detected by some of the anti-virus programs, according to VirusTotal:

MySearch VirusTotal Report

MultiPlug and QVM30 are some of the detection names.

So, how about the MySearch removal? Easy with FreeFixer, just select the MySearch files:

MySearch in Internet Explorer MySearch Firefox


How To Remove TheTornTV

Getting ads labeled Ads by TheTornTV on top of the Google search results as show in the screenshot below?

TheTornTV - Ads by TheTornTV V10

As you’ve probably figured out you’ve got an adware called TheTornTV running on your machine. You can also see it in Mozilla’s Add-on dialog:

TheTornTV firefox add-on

Removing TheTornTV is pretty easy. Just select the TheTornTV in FreeFixer, as shown in the screenshots:

TheTornTV tasks TheTornTV firefox TheTornTV BHO

I’ve made a quick video that shows FreeFixer in action while removing TheTornTV. Hope you find it useful.