What is UnknownFile? And How To Remove It

Getting a pop-up dialog labeled “UnknownFile” while double-clicking on a file on your computer?

UnknownFile Dialog

Well, then you’ve got the UnknownFile File Assistant installed on your machine. While this dialog is active, you can also see UnknownFile.exe running in the Windows Task Manager. You probably got this program on your computer when installing something else. I found UnknownFile bundled with the Softango Downloaders. Did you also download and install something from Softango?

So, how do you remove UnknownFile? No problem, just uninstall it from the Programs and Features dialog:

UnknownFile Uninstall

Hope you found this useful.

By the way, none of the anti-virus programs detects UnknownFile, except MalwareBytes which has named UnknownFile.exe Trojan.Agent.MVXGen:

UnknownFile.exe VirusTotal Report - Trojan.Agent.MVXGen

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