Ads by SpeedCheck – Removal Instructions

Getting ads labeledĀ Ads by SpeedCheck orĀ Brought by SpeedCheck? Then you got the SpeedCheck adware installed on your machine.

Ads by Speedcheck

powered by rightcoupon brought by speedcheckSpeedcheck app gui

SpeedCheck is installed in your web browser. Here’s how it appears in Mozilla Firefox:

SpeedCheck Firefox add-on

The detection rate among the anti-virus programs is very low. Only 2 of the 55 anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal detects the file.

speedcheck Revizer.b

The detection name for SpeedCheck is Revizer.b.

Since you probably want to remove the SpeedCheck ads, these are the files you should check if you want to remove it with FreeFixer:

SpeedCheck update Speedcheck Firefox removal with FreeFixer SpeedCheck removal with FreeFixer

Thank you for reading! Any idea how you got SpeedCheck on your machine?

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