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Ads by PassWidget – Removal Instructions

Yesterday I ran into an adware that modifies web pages, by inserting ads labeled “Ads by PassWidget”:

Advertisements labeled "Ads by PassWidget"
Advertisements labeled “Ads by PassWidget”

PassWidget appears to be a rebranding of the LyricsBuddy adware. I’ve previously posted a video on how to remove the LyricsBuddy with the help of FreeFixer which you may find useful when deleting PassWidget. It’s the same removal procedure, scan, check the PassWidget files, click Fix and your done. Good luck!

Did that solve the problem?

Update October 27, 2013: I just noticed that the Passwidget Ads can appears as links with a mouse-over effect. These are also labeled “Ads by Passwidget”:

Ads by Passwidget as a mouse-over effect of a link.