Anton Melnikov Publisher – WARNING

Just a short post before getting back to work. I found a software download this morning that bundles some unwanted software. The download is digitally signed by Anton Melnikov. The problem with the Anton Melnikov download is that is bundles lots of unwanted software, such as “SaveOn”, “Y**tubeAdBlocker”, “SW-Booster”, “SW-Sustainer”, etc.

Windows will display Anton Melnikov as the publisher when running the file. The program name is “Installer for TopApp software“.

Anton Melnikov publisher - Installer for TopApp software

You can also check the digital signature under the file’s properties. The certificate says Anton Melnikov is located in Kiev, Ukraine.



Well, hope this blog post saved you a few hours by avoiding those unwanted programs. There are after all more interesting things to do than cleaning a computer from adware.

Did you also find a file signed by Anton Melnikov? Where did you find it and what kind of download was it? Thanks for sharing.