Arseniy Petrov – 39% Detection Rate – MultiPlug / InstalleRex / Qudamah

Hello readers! Sorry for the lack of posts during last week. I’ve been having a few days off.

This morning I playing around and testing some downloads when I found a file signed by Arseniy Petrov.

Arseniy Petrov publisher

Windows will display Arseniy Petrov as the publisher when running the file. It is also possible to check a digital signature by looking at a file’s properties. Here’s a screenshot of the Arseniy Petrov certificate.

Arseniy Petrov certificate

Arseniy Petrov is located in Ukraine according to the cert.

22 of the anti-virus scanners detected the file. Avira names Download Uc Browser V Handler Zip.exe as TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen, BitDefender reports Gen:Variant.Adware.Mplug.45, Malwarebytes detects it as PUP.Optional.MultiPlug, Microsoft detects it as SoftwareBundler:Win32/InstalleRex, Sophos reports MultiPlug and Tencent reports Trojan.Win32.Qudamah.Gen.2.

Arseniy Petrov anti-virus report

Did you also find a Arseniy Petrov file? Do you remember where you downloaded it?

Thank you for reading.

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