Clovermedia SL Digital Signature – WARNING!

Just got home after having an espresso with my friend Jon Kågström and started to check out a bunch of suspicious downloads. One of the downloads was signed by the Clovermedia SL publisher. If you came here wondering if the file is safe or not, I think you should avoid running the Clovermedia file.

Clovermedia SL Publisher

You can also check who signed a file by looking under the file’s properties. The following screenshots shows how the Clovermedia SL certificate appears under the Digital Signature tab.

Clovermedia Digital Signature

There is also additional info available, such as that Clovermedia SL is located on Tenerife.

Clovermedia certificate information

Anyway, the problem with the Clovermedia file is that it bundles lots of potentially unwanted programs, such as MediaPlayer Plus, Freeven, etc. Many of the anti-virus programs are well aware of this, and flags the Clovermedia file with names such as  DomaIQ.

Clovermedia virus total scan

Hope this helped you avoid some adware.

Did you also find a Clovermedia file. Where did you download it?