How To Remove The SpeedyResults Adware

Hello guys and gals. Found another adware called SpeedyResults this morning while reviewing some of the recent submissions to the FreeFixer database.. From the VirusTotal scan results, this seems to be a variant of BrowseFox that I’ve previously blogged about many times before.

Over at VirusTotal, 6 of the anti-malware scanners detected the file. Some of the detection names for SpeedyResults are BrowseFox.F, Trojan.BPlug.141, a variant of Win32/BrowseFox.O and AdWare.BrowseFox. I guess the other AV programs will catch up shortly.

SpeedyResults virustotal

You probably came here looking for removal instructions for SpeedyResults and you can do so with the FreeFixer removal tool. Just select the files that are digitally signed by “SpeedyResults” and you the problem will go away.

Hope that helped you with the removal.

Do you also have SpeedyResults on your machine? Any idea how it was installed? Please let me and the readers know by posting a comments. Thank you!

Hope you found this useful and thanks you for reading.