Igor Menyalo – 41% Detection Rate – MultiPlug / Qudamah / Kazy

Hi there! Just a note on a publisher called Igor Menyalo. The Igor Menyalo download  was detected when I uploaded it to VirusTotal. Did you also find a download by Igor Menyalo? Was it also detected when you uploaded it to VirusTotal?

Igor Menyalo publisher

That’s how it looks when double-clicking on the file and Igor Menyalo appears as the publisher. It is also possible to check a digital signature by looking at a file’s properties. Here’s a screenshot of the Igor Menyalo certificate.

Igor Menyalo certificate


Igor Menyalo appears to be located in Russia.

TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen, Gen:Variant.Adware.Kazy.611186, W32/S-0625bdde!Eldorado, PUP.Optional.MultiPlug and Trojan.Win32.Qudamah.Gen.0 are some detection names according to VirusTotal:

Igor Menyalo anti-virus report

I decided to run the Igor Menyalo signed file, and it offered three additional programs called PriceMinus, BestAdBlocker and MyPC Backup in the installer.

Did you also find an Igor Menyalo? Do you remember the download link? Please post it in the comments below and I’ll upload it to VirusTotal to see if that one is also detected.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Igor Menyalo – 41% Detection Rate – MultiPlug / Qudamah / Kazy

  1. Hi thank you for looking him up.
    i have a link to a download here, and would like to know if it’s safe to download or not 😉
    hxxp://www.finaljuyu .com/zimraup?q=PauloCoelho-VeronikaDecidestoDie.rar

    Would you please check it out? Hope you are helped with this comment also 😉
    Have a great day

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