Liquidbuild detected as Kazy, iBryte and Optimum Installer

Hi there! Just a quick Sunday post on a file named flashplayerpro_Setup.exe signed by Liquidbuild that I found while reviewing some files submitted to the FreeFixer database of files. The problem is that flashplayerpro_Setup.exe is not an official Flash Player download. If it was, it should be digitally signed by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

When I uploaded the Liquidbuild file to VirusTotal, it came up with a 28% detection rate. The file is detected as Adware/iBryte.bxow by Avira, Gen:Variant.Kazy.466717 by BitDefender, Gen:Variant.Kazy.466717 by F-Secure and Optimum Installer (fs) by VIPRE. It’s probably better to stay away from this file.

Liquidbuild virustotal report

Did you also find a Liquidbuild file?

Thanks for reading.