ocsp.godaddy.com – Your Browser Is Connecting to GoDaddy’s OCSP Server

If you see a HTTP connection to ocsp.godaddy.com in your browser’s network traffic log, there’s no need to worry. ocsp.godaddy.com is GoDaddy’s OCSP server and is used to check the revocation status of digital certificates. OCSP is an acronym for Online Certificate Status Protocol. GoDaddy sells domain names, SSL certificates, and lots of other services.

Here’s a screenshot of the ocsp.godaddy.com HTTP requests and responses:

ocsp.godaddy.com connection

As you can see in the screenshot above, the request has the “application/ocsp-request” type.

If you see Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer connecting to ocsp.godaddy.com, they are in the middle of the process of verifying a digital certificate. Perhaps a certificate for a HTTPS connection you just made? The connection can also be initiated by a javascript running in the browser if that script, for example, makes a HTTPS connection.

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3 thoughts on “ocsp.godaddy.com – Your Browser Is Connecting to GoDaddy’s OCSP Server

  1. OK, got it.

    But is it safe at all to verify a digital certificate for a https connection via a simple http one?
    And is blocking every single http connection, indeed, unsafe, due to the inability of my browser to verify such certificates?

    Thank you very much for the information provided!

  2. I have your alternative name as you allowed to use Ur site you allowed them to verified certificate status protocol…and they were Cyber Crime and they wiped my computer out!! I have all sites logged

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