PriceMeter – Just Another Adware

Found another adware called PriceMeter. Here’s the info displayed in a few of the installers:

pricemeter adware

PriceMeter install screen

However, PriceMeter would not install, not when testing it on a 64-bit Windows 8.1 machine, nor on my old 32-bit Windows XP system. Since it refused to install, I could not examine how to uninstall it, but usually these adware programs have an entry in Add/Remove programs dialog, accessible from the Windows Contol Panel, which allows you to uninstall it. I’m pretty sure FreeFixer also can remove it completely.

Did you know more about uninstalling PriceMeter, please share by posting a comment.

2 thoughts on “PriceMeter – Just Another Adware

  1. PriceMeter.exe came through a bundled package. I cannot get rid of it. It does not uninstall. It turns my computer off and back on and then its still there. I downloaded Winzip malware it did not even report Pricemeter as adware. It said there were no problems with computer. My computer is sooo slow and keeps showing up too through cookies which I have to keep removing the cache. This is ridiculous that people are adding adware in bundles then you can’t remove the virus. It is a virus if I can’t remove it. Someone please help, help.

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