Random Stuff from Adware Land

Here’s some random stuff found while I was working. If you see any of the ads or pop-ups on your machine, it’s possible that you have some adware installed on your machine. I recommend a scan with FreeFixer to track down the adware.

Girlssnail.biz pop-up survey:girlssnailz.com pop-up

Ladysweater.biz pop-up surveys:ladysweater.biz pop-up survey

mma-tube.net:80 blocked in the hosts file:mma-tube-net in HOSTS file

Unresponsive script at pijoto.net:pijoto.net script

By My Savings:

by My Savings

A fake Java update hosted at fugupdates101.com:

fake java update

LPT System Updater Service, I think you should remove it:

LPT System Updater Service

creative.ad127m.com pop-up:

ad127m.com pop-up



Pop-up from s.ad127m.com:


Google Update Packages. It’s not part of Chrome, uninstall it:Google Chrome Packages

SoftwareRefresher.exe:softwarerefresher.exe startup softwarererefresher.exe process

 The socket connection to the upstream proxy/gateway failed. Closing Fiddler, changing your system proxy settings, and restarting Fiddler may help.

ErrorCode: 10061

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.


Internet Explorer blocked a pop up from *.ib.adnxs.com.


Ads by LinkSicle:

Ads by LinkSicle

A new bundled Firefox Extensions called “Set Search Settings“:Set Search Settings remove

update-for-pc-1024.com. Known to push unwanted software.

update-for-pc-1024.com screenshot

There’s also other domains on the same IP ( that sounds related: pc-update-1024.netpc-update-1024.com and pc-update-1024.org.

FileTypeAssistant with a faked “Installed On” date:

File Type Assistant

Seeing connections to js.neomapobjectrack.com in your network log?

js.neomapobjectrack.com connection

Then it’s possible you have some PUA installed on your machine. I’ve also seen app.neomapobjectrack.com and logs.neomapobjectrack.com in use.

p.trkkrd.com or secure.trkkrd.com in the status bar?

p.trkkrd.com status bar secure.trkkrd.com status bar

You should check what’s installed on your computer…

Same thing with fasterol.org:

fasterol.org status bar