How To Remove Bubble Dock

Stumbled on something called Bubble Dock today. You might notice it since it opens up pop-ups in the lower right corner on the Windows desktop. Here are two examples:

Bubble Dock pop up Bubble Dock ad in the lower right corner of the desktop

I found Bubble Dock bundled with a free download. Here’s how it was disclosed in the installer:

Bubble Dock installer

Some of the anti-virus programs over at VirusTotal detects the Bubble Dock files:

BubbleDock axSurfMatch.dll

If you’d like to uninstall Bubble Dock, you can do so from the Add/Remove programs dialog or with FreeFixer. Check the Firefox extension, LBubble Dock.exe, Bubble Dock.exe  and axSurfMatch.dll for removal as shown in the screenshots:

BubbleDock firefox Bubble Dock.exe process Bubble Dock LBubbleDock.exe Bubble Dock axSurfMatch.dll in the Nosibay folderDo you also have Bubble Dock on your machine? Any idea how it got there?