Remove Clock Hand Adware – Clock Hand Ads Removal Guide

Hello readers. Hope you are doing ok. Just a short post on an adware called Clock Hand. Clock Hand seems to be a variant of BrowseFox that I blogged about previously. If you have ClockHand on your machine, you’ll spot new add-ons installed into Firefox and Internet Explorer. I could not see anything being installed into Google Chrome.Clock Hand 1.0.1 firefox

I’ll show how to remove Clock Hand in this blog post with the FreeFixer removal tool.

Clock Hand is bundled with a number of downloads. Bundling means that software is included in other software’s installers. Here’s how it appeared in the installer, which explains what types of ads Clock Hand shows.

clock hand installer

Generally, you can avoid bundled software such as Clock Hand by being careful when installing software and declining the bundled offers in the installer.

As always when I test some new bundled software I uploaded it to VirusTotal to see if the antivirus programs there detect something fishy. Only 4% of the anti-malware scanners detected the file. Avira reports Clock Hand as ADWARE/BrowseFox.Gen2 and DrWeb detects it as Trojan.Yontoo.632.

Clock hand Virus Total report

I’m sure you’d like to remove Clock Hand, and that’s a piece of cake with FreeFixer. Select the ClockHand files, as shown in the screenshots below, click Fix, and restart your computer and the problem should be gone.

Clock Hand internet explorer Clock Hand firefox remove

Hope that helped you to figure out how to do the removal.

I stumbled upon Clock Hand while testing out some downloads that are known to bundled lots of unwanted software. Any idea how ClockHand was installed on your machine? Please let me and the readers know by posting a comments. Thanks!

Hope you found this useful and thanks you for reading.

1 thought on “Remove Clock Hand Adware – Clock Hand Ads Removal Guide

  1. This is so weird, i just got this and looked up clock hand virus on google after removal, and found this site. I downloaded an emulator from coolrom website, but i clearly remember clicking decline on the two offers, and the download progressed and finished as usual. Then as soon as I open chrome to do a search i see that widget in the search results and click it to find it is clockhand. I hadn’t seen your post yet so i used ccleaner to uninstall it did a clean and registry clean and every seems ok for now, will do a malware scan with avast and malwarebytes later though

    :[ i hadn’t gotten any form of malware for 5 years straight, record broken…

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