dtw.getupslipperyskullcap.com Pop-Ups – Removal Instructions

Getting pop-ups from dtw.getupslipperyskullcap.com in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer? Then it’s likely you have some adware installed on your machine 🙁

dtw.getupslipperyskullcap.com pop-up

I got the dtw.getupslipperyskullcap.com pop-up ads after testing out a download on my lab machine, that I knew bundled some unwanted software. It installed BlockAndSurf, TinyWallet and Browser Warden. After removing these unwanted programs, and a bunch of other unwanted files, with the FreeFixer removal tool, the pop-ups ads stopped. These were the files I also deleted in FreeFixer:

  • bservice.exe
  • bservice64.exe
  • wd.exe
  • webinstrnew.sys

Hope that helped you with the removal.

Any idea how you got the dtw.getupslipperyskullcap.com pop-up ads on your machine?