How To Remove The Focusbase Adware

Just stumbled on a new adware called Focusbase this morning. You might have noticed it on your machine by new ads labeled  Ads by Focusbase appearing or the Focusbase add-ons listed in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

focusbase firefox add-on Focusbase Internet Explorer add-on

I found the Focusbase adware bundled with another program. The installer file was called FlvPlayer.exe and was digitally signed by a company called Outbrowse LTD.

focusbase installer digitally signed by OutBrowse LTD.

Here’s how Focusbase was disclosed in the installer:

How Focusbase is disclosed in the bundling installer


Focusbase content includes advertisements and is not affiliated with any underlying web sites.

So, how about the Focusbase removal? Easy peasy with FreeFixer. Just select the Focusbase files for removal in FreeFixer as shown in the screenshots below:

removing the Focusbase extension in Firefox Removing focusbasebho.dll

Hope this helped you figure out what Focusbase is, how it is installed on user’s computers and how to remove it.

How did you get the Focusbase adware on your machine?