How To Remove The Framed Display Adware

Just wanted to write a short post before going¬†calling it a day. Stumbled upon the¬†Framed Display adware. Framed Display appears to be a variant of AltBrowse/BrowseFox. If the Framed Display adware is running on your machine, you will see various type of advertisements according to the Frame Display EULA. However, for some reason I don’t see any ads. Do you? If you got this on your machine, you will also notice it in the browser’s add-on menu. For example, here’s Frame Display in Firefox:

framed display 1.0.1 firefox

Framed Display is bundled with a number of downloads. Bundling means that software is included in other software’s installers. Here’s one example how it appears in an installer for an unrelated program.

framed display disclosure

When I find some new bundled software I usually upload it to VirusTotal to check if the antimalware scanners there detect something interesting. 20% of the anti-virus scanners detected the file. The Framed Display files are detected as BrowseFox.F by AVG, PUP.Optional.FramedDisplay.A by Malwarebytes and Artemis!032AA150BDFB by McAfee.framed display virustotal

So, how about the Framed Display removal? You can remove Framed Display with the FreeFixer removal tool. Just select the Framed Display files as the screenshots below shows. A restart of your machine might be required to complete the removal.

framed display firefox extension FramedDisplaybho.dll in internet explorer

Hope that helped you to figure out how to do the removal.

I found Framed Display while testing out some downloads that are known to bundled lots of unwanted software. Any idea how you got Framed Display on your computer? Please share your story the comments below. Thank you very much!

Hope you found this useful. Thanks for reading.