Remove Klip Pal Ads

Just a quick post about the Klip Pal adware. Klip Pal is bundled with other software. I’ll show how to remove Klip Pal in this blog post. Here’s how it can appear in an installer:KlipPal installer disclosure

As you can see, KlipPal inserts advertisements on web sites while you are browsing the web.

Klip Pal installs itself in Internet Explorer and Firefox:

Klip Pal 1.0.1 firefox warning Klip Pal 1.0.1 in Firefox

Removing Klip Pal is a piece of cake with FreeFixer. Just select the Klip Pal files for removal and then click the Fix button and the ad problem will be solved.

KlipPalbho.dll internet explorer Klip Pal remove firefox

Hope this helped you solve the Klip Pal problem. Any idea how you got it on your machine?

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Remove Klip Pal Ads

  1. I tried to use the uninstall in the control panel and it didn’t work.
    I an not affraid of using regedit program and after removing all the different links and tried to stop the process in task manager it keep popping back in all if it.
    Finally I installed Malware bits> mbam-setup- and after it installed it did an up date and then after 40 or so minutes it finished scanning and the KlipPal an its constitutes were all remove all 1200 plus of them turkeys.
    Just my 2 cents worths…

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