Ominent Toolbar – – Removal Instructions

Ran into a new Toolbar called Ominent today. It was installed into Firefox, bundled with a free download. Address bar searches were replaced by


If you came here looking for uninstall instructions, you are in luck: It’s easy. You can uninstall it from the Add/Remove programs dialog and in Firefox’s Add-ons dialog. Check out the screenshots below.



By the way, it surprised me that Ominent Toolbar didn’t appear in Chrome or Internet Explorer. Did you also only get it in Firefox?

3 thoughts on “Ominent Toolbar – – Removal Instructions

  1. Hi Roger,

    I came across your post today when I was searching for a way to remove the Ominent Toolbar from Chrome. I did find it in my add/remove programs, deleted it and it is still with me. I also looked for it in Chrome in search engines and tool bars and I don’t see it. Do you have any suggestions that might help?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hello Dorcas,

      Please restart Chrome and go to Does the Ominent Toolbar still appear in the Chrome user interface?

      If so, it should also appear under Settings -> Extensions where it can be removed. You might have to restart Chrome after deleting the extension.

      If that did not work, there’s an option to reset your Chrome browser to its default state. The reset feature is located under Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Reset Browser Settings.

      Did that solve the problem?

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