Remove PicRec – “Ads by PicRec” Removal Instructions

Hello, found a new adware just before heading off to the local indian restaurant for lunch. Back in front of the computer now to write the blog post. The adware is called PicRec and displays ads labeled “Ads by PicRec“. Here’s some examples of the ads:

Ads by PicRec Ads by PicRec - Media Player Ads by PicRec in Firefox

If you have PicRec installed on your machine, you will also see three files, privoxy.exe, picrecs.exe and picrdrw.sys on your computer. The files are digitally signed by One Call Ltd.

Currently none of the anti-virus programs detect the picrecs.exe file according to VirusTotal. I’m sure the anti-virus vendors will add PicRec to their detection database sooner than later.

picrecs.exe virustotal

Since you probably came here searching for removal instructions, let’s get on with it. PicRec can easily be removed by FreeFixer. Just select picrecs.exepicrdrw.sys and privoxy.exe for removal as shown in the screenshots.

Picrecs.exe privoxy.exe process picrdrw.sys driver PicRecs.exe service

How did you get PicRec on your computer? I found it bundled with another software download where the “I agree” checkbox for PicRec was already checked. Here’s how it was disclosed:

PicRec installer

The PicRec’s web site is where you can find the Terms and Conditions and privacy policy: web site


Thanks for reading. Hope this helped you remove PicRec.