Remove RockResult Ads in Firefox and Internet Explorer

Hello there, hope you are having a great weekend. Just found another adware variant called RockResult. It appears that RockResult has been around for a while, at least a month, judging from the other anti-malware bloggers. But since I found it bundled today, I though I should write a short post about it.

If you have RockResult on your machine, you’ll see ads tagged as “RockResult Ads” while you are browsing the web. Here’s an example of the RockResult ads:RockResults ads


RockResult is added as an add-on in Internet Explorer and Firefox:

RockResult 1.0.1


So, how did RockResult install on your machine? It was probably bundled with some download that you installed recently. Here’s how RockResult was disclosed when I found it:

RockResult installer


I’m sure you’d like to remove RockResult, and that’s pretty easy with FreeFixer. Select the RockResult files, as shown in the screenshots below, click Fix, and reboot your machine and the ads should be gone.

RockResult removal internet explorer RockResult removal firefox

Thanks for reading.