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Does this sound like what you are seeing right now? You see pop-up ads from while browsing web sites that in general don’t advertise in pop-up windows. The pop-ups manage to bypass the built-in pop-up blockers in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Perhaps the pop-ups appear when clicking search results from Google? Or does the pop-ups appear even when you’re not browsing?

Here’s how the pop-up looked like when I got it on my machine: pop up

After a while, I was redirected to another site.

Does this sound like what you are seeing, you presumably have some adware installed on your system that pops up the ads. So there’s no idea contacting the owner of the web site you were browsing. The ads are not coming from them. I’ll try help you to remove the pop-ups in this blog post.

I found the pop-up on one of the lab computers where I have some adware running. I’ve talked about this in some of the previous blog posts. The adware was installed on purpose, and from time to time I check if anything new has appeared, such as pop-up windows, new tabs in the browsers, injected ads on website that usually don’t show ads, or if some new files have been saved to the hard-drive. resolves to and so does was created on 2013-03-05 and is protected by Domains By Proxy LLC.

So, how do you remove the pop-up ads? On the machine where I got the ads I had BrowserWarden, BlockAndSurf and TinyWallet installed. I removed them with FreeFixer and that stopped the pop-ups and all the other ads I was getting in Firefox.

The domain is attracting quite a lot of traffic, just check out the Alexa traffic rank: alexa traffic rank

The traffic has climbed steadily since April 2014.

The problem with this type of pop-up is that it can be initiated by many variants of adware. This makes it impossible to say exactly what you need to remove to stop the pop-ups.

So, what can be done? To remove the pop-up ads you need to examine your machine for adware or other types of unwanted software and uninstall it. Here’s my suggested removal procedure:

  1. Review what programs you have installed in the Add/Remove programs dialog in the Windows Control Panel. Do you see something that you don’t remember installing or that was recently installed?
  2. You can also examine the add-ons you installed in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Same thing here, do you see something that you don’t remember installing?
  3. If that did not help, you can give FreeFixer a try. FreeFixer is built to assist users when manually tracking down adware and other types of unwanted software. It is a freeware utility that I’ve been working since 2006 and it scans your computer at lots of locations where unwanted software is known to hook into your computer. If you would like to get additional details about a file in FreeFixer’s scan result, you can just click the More Info link for that file and a web page with a VirusTotal report will open up, which can be very useful to determine if the file is safe or malware:

    FreeFixer More Info link example
    An example of FreeFixer’s “More Info” links. Click for full size.

Here’s a video tutorial showing FreeFixer in action removing pop-up ads:

Did this blog post help you to remove the pop-up ads? Please let me know or how I can improve this blog post.

Thank you!

Update 2015-03-12: Added the Alexa traffic rank for

7 thoughts on “Remove Pop Up Ads

  1. Hi Roger,

    Thanks for he software… Unfortunately it was unable to locate and remove the pop-up ads… appreciate the effort you have put in to removing these sad marketing attempts..surely no one would buy off the person who hijacked their webpage…


  2. Hey,
    all you have to do to get rid of totaladperformance is uninstall Chrome extension called Adblock Super. That’s it.

  3. Are there any suggestions you have for someone encountering this on an android phone? thank you.

    1. i was able to disable it. not sure about the permanent solution though.

      I disabled java scripts in chrome and this seems to solve the issue temporarily. I do understand about some of the webpages which would require scripts, but cant help .

      This was the only solution which worked for me on android as well as my laptop.

      My system did not have any malicious software. i did reset my Nexus 7 . Neither of them worked.

      But after i disabled the java scripts , i am not getting redirected. Think issue lies in Chrome and IE. Opera was fine. Hope google looks into this and disable it

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