Remove videosMediaPlayersversion2.1 and videosMediaPlayersv2.2 Ads

Hello guys and gals. I just found another bundled adware named videosMediaPlayersversion2.1 and videosMediaPlayersv2.2 and thought I should give you some removal instructions. videosMediaPlayersversion2.1 and videosMediaPlayersv2.2 seems to be a variant of CrossRider that I wrote about previously. If the videosMediaPlayersversion2.1 and videosMediaPlayerv2.2 adware is running on your machine, you will find new add-ons called videosMediaPlayers installed in Firefox and Internet Explorer. I’ll show how to remove videosMediaPlayersversion2.1 and videosMediaPlayersv2.2 in this blog post with the FreeFixer removal tool in case the removal from the Control Panel fails.videosmediaplayers uninstall

videosMediaPlayersversion2.1 and videosMediaPlayerv2.2 is distributed by a tactic called bundling. Bundling means that a piece of software is included in other software’s installers. I found these two programs bundled with a download called FastPlayer.

Following the standard procedure when I test some new bundled software I uploaded it to VirusTotal to check if the anti-virus progams there find anything suspicious. 13% of the scanners detected the file. Kaspersky names videosMediaPlayersversion2.1 and videosMediaPlayervs2.2 as Trojan.NSIS.GoogUpdate.dp, Malwarebytes reports PUP.Optional.VideosMediaPlayer.A and VIPRE detects it as Crossrider (fs). The file was digitally signed by Railroad Party Apps.

videosMediaPlayers virustotal


According to the certificate, Railroad Party Apps is located in the city of Nicosia on Cyprus.

Railroad Party Apps certificate

Removing videosMediaPlayersversion2.1 and videosMediaPlayerv2.2 is pretty easy with FreeFixer. Here’s a few screen dumps from the removal that should help you. All files are located under the “videosMediaPlayers..” folder. You may have to restart your machine to complete the removal.

videosmediaplayerv2.2 remove

Hope that helped you to figure out how to do the removal.

Did you also find videosMediaPlayersversion2.1 and videosMediaPlayerv2.2 on your system? Any idea how it installed? Please share your story the comments below. Thanks!

Hope you found this useful and thanks you for reading.