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Hello hello. Found another startpage modifier named Vosteran right now. If you got Vosteran on your computer, you will see start pages in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer changed to, lots of Vosteran.exe processes running in the Windows Task Manager which appears to be a custom build of the Chrome browser! You’ll also see add-ons and new search providers installed in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. I’ll show how to remove Vosteran in this blog post with the FreeFixer removal tool.

Here’s the start page in Firefox: web site

and the new add-ons called Vosteran 2.3.0 and Vosteran Search 1.0.2:

Vosteran Search Firefox add-on

If you check the Task Manager, you’ll see a bunch of vosteran.exe processes running:

vosteran.exe task manager


When I uploaded vosteran.exe to VirusTotal none of the anti-virus programs there detected the file.

Vosteran is bundled with other software. Bundled means that it is included in another software’s installer. When I first found Vosteran, it was bundled with a piece of software named unofficial Skype download which was digitally signed by Astro Delivery.

Generally, you can avoid bundled software such as Vosteran by being careful when installing software and declining the bundled offers in the installer.

Since you probably want to remove Vosteran, these are the files you should check for removal if you want to remove it with FreeFixer. You may have to restart your system to complete the removal.

vosteran.exe process remove remove internet explorer remove firefox vosteran search remove firefox

Hope this helped you remove the Vosteran start page modifier and vosteran.exe. If some of the stuff remains in you browser, you can try the reset feature in your browsers to reset your browser to state that is almost the same as when you installed it for the first time.

Any idea how you got Vosteran on your system? Please share by posting a comment. Thank you very much!

Hope you found this useful and thanks you for reading.

32 thoughts on “Remove and Vosteran.exe

  1. I thought I was downloading Google Earth but somehow vosteran snuck in with out my noticing. Now I have vosteran which is causing all sorts of trouble.

    1. its a virus! remove it as fast as u can! Im n the process of doing with THE TECH GUY he’s free

      1. How can I download a free fixer tool to get rid of vosteran if I can’t open any browser pages on my laptop?

      2. I found your information by using my smart phone. I can’t get on the Internet with my laptop because I keep getting error page unable to connect to the proxy server. And I haven’t been able to reset my settings by un checking the box beside use a proxy server. The check keeps coming back.

  2. Hello, just came across your article. Thanks for the tip on how to get rid of it. I just downloaded and installed Spy Bot: Seach and Destroy Anti spyware and didn’t realize that I didn’t decline the offer to install Vosteran with it. That’s how I got it.

  3. I got it downloading Skype. I had a terrible time downloading Skype until I realized I wasn’t DL directly from Skype. I thought I had removed all the unwanted garbage but I guess I missed something. I only noticed the change when I looked at my address bar, otherwise I don’t know how long it would have remained on my computer.

    Thanks for your site.

  4. I don’t know where Vosteran Search came from.
    I’ve run AVG, Spybot and Malwarebytes and cannot remove it.
    I’ve also searched everywhere I can think of on the computer and cannot find where it is hiding.
    Do you have any other suggestions?
    Thank you.

  5. I too encountered this Vosteran entanglment today after attempting to install Firefox.
    IT seems military oriented from the research. Of further interest is the encoded message withing the word VOSTERAN itself. “Within Your – you/of nasty star steroids”.
    See for yourself with Google translate and remember that a word builds as well as reflects or echo’s.
    When doing this a good song to play is American Woman. Eventually the lyrics “colored lights will hypnotize” will sync to some happenstance and the whore that babbles on will appear to you in the form of Mom.exe Catalyst Control Center: Monitoring program.
    And with her angelic >o< "wings" wh will proclaim to you in a Spanish and Polish tounge… "The Years Fly".

  6. The wife got this along with a bunch of other crap downloading a fake OpenOffice. Check your URLs, people!

  7. Hi my son got this in his laptop by downloading a download manager app we had to do a complete reset to factory default settings to get rid of vosteran absolute nightmare and windows defender didn’t detect it either

  8. I got it downloading Filezilla through their link to download page. How does Filezilla sleep at night, knowing they rob people of their precious time and sanity?

  9. I got this while attempting to download Firefox……never got Firefox just and other add ons. Not sure I am free of it yet even after manually going through multiple steps to delete it. It is evil.

  10. almost installed this from a fake open office site , realised in time and deleted the installation

  11. It came bwayt of filedownloader from hxxp://soundbible .com/1936-Crisp-Ocean-Waves.html. My friend was looking for Wav files and thought he was getting the sound, he got the sound but he got this crap on the computer too.

  12. I got it when I downloaded filezilla from They used to be trustworthy, so I thought.

  13. My computer won’t even start up now. I noticed Volsteran had turned up last night and thought I deleted it… Seems it’s caused proper damage. Windows tried to load then screen went black.

  14. I’m usually pretty careful, but about 2 weeks ago I clicked on something I thought was a legit update (don’t remember what) but as soon as I found vosteran as an alternate home page on Firefox I knew I had f**ked up. I immediately went to work finding out what it was, and found a fix on It was pretty thorough, taking me through several steps checking registries, etc., and deleting stuff; then told to run MalwareBytes and the HitmanPro to clean up the crumbs. I was impressed with HitmanPro and am now using it for 30 days on trial and may buy it (that’ll be a first!).
    I still found vost on Firefox a week or so later, again as an alt search engine page. Don’t know if this was a leftover or a new infection…?
    I hope that I’ve finally got gotten rid of the bastard, but I’m constantly on watch. If I get evidence again of infection, I’ll certainly try this fix, and in any case will save your site as a good info/fix site. Just found it.

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