Remove WebSize Adware

Hello readers. I was reviewing some of the files added to the FreeFixer database, and found something called WebSize? WebSize is yet another variant of BrowseFox. The WebSize removal is pretty easy. Just select the files that are digitally signed by WebSize in FreeFixer and the problem will be gone.

So what does VirusTotal say about the file? 19 of the anti-malware scanners detected the file. The WebSize files are detected as PUA.BrowseFox! by Agnitum, Adware/BrowseFox.A.1227 by Avira, Tool.NetFilter.313 by DrWeb and AdWare.Win64.Yotoon by VBA32.

WebSize virustotal

Hope that helped you to figure out how to do the removal.

Do you also have WebSize on your computer? Any idea how it was installed? Please share by posting a comment. Thank you!

Hope you found this useful and thanks you for reading.