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Does this sound like your story? You see pop-up ads from while browsing on sites that usually don’t advertise in pop-up windows. The pop-ups manage to evade the built-in pop-up blockers in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. Perhaps the pop-ups appear when clicking search results from a Google search? Or does the pop-ups show up even when you’re not browsing?

Here’s a screen capture of the pop-up ad when it showed up on my computer: pop up

The browser got stuck at for a while, then I was redirected to another site that showed the actual advertisement.

Does this sound like your story, you presumably have some adware installed on your machine that pops up the ads. So there’s no use contacting the site owner. The ads are not coming from them. I’ll try help you with the removal in this blog post.

I found the pop-up on one of the lab machines where I have some adware running. I’ve talked about this in some of the previous blog posts. The adware was installed on purpose, and from time to time I check if something new has appeared, such as pop-up windows, new tabs in the browsers, injected ads on website that usually don’t show ads, or if some new files have been saved to the hard-drive. resolves to the IP address. was created on 2014-04-29. The domain is protected by

So, how do you remove the pop-up ads? On the machine where I got the ads I had BlockAndSurf, TinyWallet and BlockAndSurf installed. I removed them with FreeFixer and that stopped the pop-ups and all the other ads I was getting in Firefox.

It seems as is getting quite a lot of traffic, based on Alexa’s traffic rank: traffic rank

Why does not have that traffic rank? 🙂

The issue with pop-ups like this one is that it can be launched by many variants of adware. This makes it impossible to say exactly what you need to remove to stop the pop-ups.

Anyway, here’s my suggestion for the ads removal:

  1. What software do you have installed if you look in the Add/Remove programs dialog in the Windows Control Panel? Something that you don’t remember installing yourself or that was recently installed?
  2. How about your browser add-ons. Anything in the list that you don’t remember installing?
  3. If that does not help, I’d recommend a scan with FreeFixer to manually track down the adware. FreeFixer is a freeware tool that I’m working on that scans your computer at lots of locations, such as browser add-ons, processes, Windows services, recently modified files, etc. If you want to get additional details about a file in the scan result, you can click the More Info link for that file and a web page will open up with a VirusTotal report which will be very useful to determine if the file is safe or malware:

    FreeFixer More Info link example
    An example of FreeFixer’s “More Info” links. Click for full size.

Here’s a video tutorial showing FreeFixer in action removing pop-up ads:

Are you a Mac or Linux user and get the pop-ups? What did you do to stop the pop-up in your browser? Please share in the comments below. Thank you!

Did you find any adware on your machine? Did that stop the ads? Please post the name of the adware you uninstalled from your machine in the comment below.

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Remove Pop Up Ads

  1. I’m using elementray os (Based on Ubuntu 14.04), from the software center I removed “KNetAttach” which was categorized on “Internet “. Worked perfectly.

  2. I’m getting this and also used to get ads from .. The surprising part is that I get those on ALL of my devices in the house .. It could be that the malware infected the DSL Router ?… I live in Syria, so I can tell you it’s safe to assume the malware is on the SYRIAN TELECOMM, Ltd. Computers ( standard ISP in Syria) .. I’m lost and don’t know what to do.. Any help would be appreciated ans thanks a lot.

    1. I live is syria too and I’m having the same problem . . the ads are showing on all of my devices .. so if u found a solution please share it 🙂

  3. I have the same problem and I am in Syria too! 🙂

    On my iPhone, disabling javascript, fixes issue but breaks some sites.
    On my mac, deleting all cookies, works temporarily but a bit later back again.

    This is really weird, any idea where this is coming from

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