Rodion Bordin – 33% Anti-Virus Detection Rate

Hello readers! Just a short note on a publisher called Rodion Bordin.

Rodion Bordin publisher

This is how it looks when double-clicking on the file and Rodion Bordin appears as the publisher. The certificate is issued by Certum Code Signing CA.

Rodion Bordin digital signature

So, why did I put up this blog post? Well, the thing is that the Rodion Bordin file is detected by many of the anti-malware scanners, according to VirusTotal. Ad-Aware detects the fileĀ as Trojan.Agent.BKMF, DrWeb names it Trojan.PWS.Qqpass.11207, Malwarebytes names it PUP.Optional.MultiPlug and Tencent classifies it as Trojan.Win32.Qudamah.Gen.0

Rodion Bordin anti-virus report

Did you also find a Rodion Bordin file? What kind of download was it? If you remember the download link, please post it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.