Stanislav Kabin – Certificate Warning

Just a quick post to warn you files digitally signed by Stanislav Kabin. The file I found was detected by many of the anti-virus programs. Here’s how Stanislav Kabin appears in the UAC dialog.

Stanislav Kabin Publisher


The Stanislav Kabin certificate shows that the publisher is located in Russia.

Stanislav Kabin Certificate

Did you also find a file signed by Stanislav Kabin? What kind of file was it, and where did you find it?

Here’s the VirusTotal scan results:

Stanislav Kabin VirusTotal Report


2 thoughts on “Stanislav Kabin – Certificate Warning

  1. I have seen this name when I wanted to download a CAD software called “Solid Edge”,
    when I saw that a name was written on the file instead of the name of the company I was curious so I looked it upö in the Web and found this post here.
    Thank you for warning me

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