starT PlaYInG – 53% Detection Rate – Mikey / PUGO / OutBrowse

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know about a publisher called starT PlaYInG before going back to writing some code for FreeFixer.

starT PlaYInG publisher

If you have a starT PlaYInG file on your machine you may have noticed that starT PlaYInG is displayed as the publisher in the UAC dialog when double-clicking on the file. It is also possible to check a digital signature by looking at a file’s properties. Here’s a screenshot of the starT PlaYInG certificate.

starT PlaYInG certificate

Thawte has issued the certificate:

starT PlaYInG thawte

If you are considering to run the starT PlaYInG signed file, I’ll advice you not to. Delete it instead. Just check out detection list by some of the anti-virus program:

Avast reports Player.exe as NSIS:OutBrowse-DQ [PUP], AVG calls it Downloader.OPP, BitDefender detects it as Gen:Variant.Adware.Mikey.21084, Cyren reports W32/Adware.PUGO-0761 and VIPRE reports OutBrowse (fs).

starT PlaYInG anti-virus report

Did you also find a starT PlaYInG file?

Thank you for reading.