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Volvan Premium SL – 28% Detection Rate

Welcome! Was looking for some downloads to play around with and found one, digitally signed by Volvan Premium SL. The file is named google_chrome.exe.

Volvan Premium SL publisher

To view more information about the embedded certificate you can right-click on the file, then choose Properties and then select the Digital Signatures tab. According to the embedded certificate we can see that Volvan Premium SL is located in Barcelona, Spain and that the certificate is issued by VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2010 CA.

Volvan Premium SL certificate

The problem here is that if google_chrome.exe really was a setup file for Google, it would be digitally signed by Google Inc and not by some unknown company. This looks very suspicious.

So, why did I put up this blog post? Well, the thing is that the Volvan Premium SL file is detected by many of the anti-virus scanners, according to VirusTotal. F-Secure classifies google_chrome.exe as Gen:Variant.Application.Bundler, Malwarebytes calls it PUP.Optional.DomaIQ and McAfee calls it SoftPulse.a

Volvan Premium SL virustotal

When I ran the Volvan Premium SL file it offered a bunch of bundled softwares, such as Wajam, HostSecurePlugin, Salus, SpeedChecker and Super Optimizer.

Did you also find a Volvan Premium SL file? Do you remember where you downloaded it?

Thanks for reading.